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For your ordering pleasure, the debut edition of Pulp Modern is out. Here’s the goods:

The inaugural issue of Pulp Modern, a quarterly dedicated to crime, fantasy, and western fiction. Includes new stories by Jimmy Callaway, James Duncan, C.J. Edwards, Garnett Elliott, Melissa Embry, Edward A. Grainger, Glenn Gray, David James Keaton, John Kenyon, Chris La Tray, Yarrow Paisley, Matthew Pizzolato, Thomas Pluck, Stephen D. Rogers, Sandra Seamans, Copper Smith and a classic tale by pulp fiction pioneer Lawrence Block. (Edited by Alec Cizak)

In case you missed it, one of the contributors mentioned there is your’s truly. So you should step up and order this sucker. I haven’t read any of the stuff yet, but I know many of the contributors, and they are all fantastic writers. Hell, Lawrence Block is one of those dudes that has a hardback (A Drop of the Hard Stuff) sitting on the front table at the local Barnes & Noble. You know you need to be legit to pull that off, don’t you?

Here are a few more details from Alec Cizak, the fine man who edited this collection:

Send your friends and family and other loved ones (dope dealers, hookers, pimps, morticians, etc.,) to this address:


You want them to buy the book here because this is where it will make the most profit per copy sold.  If you are asked for a password, it should be:


If you are asked for a password and that one doesn’t work, let me know ASAP and I will fix the situation.

In about a week, the journal will be available through Amazon.  Amazon will pay less per copy sold, so you want to direct as many people as possible to the link above.  Let strangers buy it off of Amazon.

Which brings me to, I think, my final point:  Make sure your friends and loved ones write reviews at Amazon to help promote the journal.

In a nutshell, that means we contributors are getting paid for the sales of this book. Amazing, right? So it would be damn swell of you to order up a copy. It’s fall, you know: mama needs a new pair of kicks.

I’ll follow up in the next day or so with more details on my contribution to the thing. Hope you can find the time to check it out and earn my eternal gratitude.

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