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Just a quick update this morning to let you know I have an interview over at writer Charles Gramlich’s Razored Zen website. It’s pretty cool, because I’m a big fan of the man’s writing, plus I got to spend a few hours talking books, movies, and music with him when I was in New Orleans a couple months ago. He was kind enough to offer me a spot in his series of writer interviews, and I took it. Check it out, then order two copies of all of his books.

I am updating from a dumpy motel room in Bonham, Texas. The last time I was here was when I took the side trip to visit the Robert E. Howard museum in Cross Plains, Texas. It is quite a distance from Bonham, but I had time on my hands. That is actually how I came to know Charles, as he is a Howard geek like me. Oddly, that trip was also the one where I managed to pick up some kind of illness that left me laid out with fever. I couldn’t even make it in to the customer site the next day it was so bad; at least not in the morning. In ten years of doing this, that is the first and only time that’s ever happened. Feel fit as a Cimmerian today, though, so don’t worry. Even did about 6 miles in 103 degree heat yesterday and rather enjoyed it. It was my first real chance to do any kind of hiking at all in Texas. Hope to have time for more later today.

Check out that interview, and leave a comment!

Hot? Yes, but it’s a DRY heat!

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