Reflections of a Weekend

Mostly pictures. Had our first really gorgeous weather this past weekend, and it felt great to get out and enjoy it . . . once I got there.

Queuing up to board a plane out of Charlotte to Detroit


Of course Sid was asking me for money as soon as I saw him. The cash machine urges expediency, in case the financial institution decides to take the money back before one can secure the cash.

Sid lives by that suggestion



I wasn’t the only one happy to have some sunlight shining in the window first thing in the morning.

Darla is a sun creature

Later that afternoon, Julia and I took a nice long walk along the river.


Down on the Farm

Sunday morning I went out to my parents’ house to help out with a couple things.

Dad gets better toy upgrades than I do

These two critters are the newest addition to the family.


Other family members wanted to be a larger part of the day’s action, and voiced their irritation to not be included whenever the opportunity presented itself.

When I got home, I got in my first bout of yard work since October. Enjoyed soaking up the sun. Puny did too.


7 thoughts on “Reflections of a Weekend

  1. Ron Scheer

    >Thanks. It does look like spring…which is an experience of a higher magnitude when you've just been through a helluva winter. Here a cold desert wind blew like the dickens all weekend. I've read of folks becoming unhinged by days of wind on the western prairies, and by this morning I was ready for the loony bin.

  2. Chris

    >Thanks, folks.Ron, some of us need to be wind-buffeted less than others because we walk that nutcase edge a liiiiitle closer than everyone else!

  3. bonniejo

    >Gorgeous critters, landscape, tractors! Can I visit them if I come to Missoula? I'm required to report back to husb on matters of tractors. By the way, did Julia the fashion designer come from this place? Should we see garments resembling the fauna one day?

  4. Chris

    >Bonnie, if you come to Missoula, we'll take you anywhere you want to go. You might even get to :gasp: DRIVE the tractor!I bet there aren't too many writers who visited a city for a book festival whose itinerary included tractor driving.

  5. Chris

    >As for Julia, she grew up in Arizona. Her barn experiences focused on training fancypants show jumping horses (she's a daredevil). Despite the shiny boots and jodhpurs, though, she has earned her hand blisters mucking out stalls.


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