Remember Pulp Modern? Of Course You Do. . . .

The Autumn 2011 edition of Pulp Modern is still available. If you haven’t ordered it, you probably should. The review count has crept up, and a couple online reviewers have singled out my story, “Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider,” for some kind words. This first one comes from book reviewer extraordinaire, Elizabeth White, who reviews so many books she must read about five books a day. Plus she’s a KISS fan, which means she’s a-okay in my book. Dig it:

“Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider” by Chris LaTray packs a novel’s worth of adventure into twelve fast-paced pages. Though there’s undeniably an Indiana Jones-esque flavor to the story, I don’t recall Indy ever getting shot in the face as Romo Samson does, and on page one no less! Combining vivid descriptions of Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Monument, henchmen and double-crosses, and a powerful ancient legend, “Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider” is a rip-roaring good read. La Tray is so good I didn’t even mind the spiders…and if you know me, that’s saying something.

Very kind. And here is one from Chris Rhatigan, who, besides co-editing the excellent Pulp Ink anthology, is also a hell of a writer in his own right. Dig:

Chris LaTray has an Indiana Jones-style adventure with “Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider” that I thoroughly enjoyed. When an ancient artifact with mystical properties is swiped from a cave, Romo Samson has no choice but to chase it down. A tale of old-school, heart-pounding suspense.


Meanwhile, Pulp Modern main main Alec Cizak has announced the lineup for the Winter 2011 edition, and guess what? I have a story in that one too. This time it’s a Western, and it’s called “A Blunderbuss for a Broken Heart.” This is my no six-guns, no horses, no cowboys, and no Indians Western story. It’s supposed to be out in December sometime. It will be awesome.



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