Riding on the Celebrity Train

More astounding than my getting up at 4:45 AM on a Monday was the fact that friggin’ Julia got up that early too! That requires an act of Goddess, believe me. I was up to make sure she made it downtown to the KECI studios, our local NBC affiliate, to be a guest on the Montana Today show. It was pretty exciting, as neither one of us had been in a TV studio before. The folks there had apparently heard about her story in the Missoulian last week and had contacted her about being on the show. Last Thursday afternoon this was the scene out front of our house, as a cameraman came out to take some shots of her sewing studio; her “atelier” to be precise (everything she does, and where she does it, is way fancier than what I do).

He shot some video to run during the interview, then today was the big morning. We headed down to the studio and were let in, then guided to seats not 15 feet away from where all the action was going on . . . live!

The brunette on the left is meteorologist Brooke Foster, and the host is Hasalyn Harris. They were very nice; during breaks we chatted a little bit and joked around. Everyone there — and there were only a few people; besides the superstars on camera we had Megan the producer, the cameraman, and three or four techs in the control room — was very professional. It was so foreign to me, watching all this happen, because I’ve never done anything like it before. It was fascinating, and seemed to go off like a well-oiled machine, particularly in how they would go back and forth between on-camera shots and video feeds from other sources. Hasalyn said they’d had some severe technical problems earlier with a crashed server that provides their video feeds, but luckily they’d resolved them before we arrived. Very cool — I dig this kind of thing.

Right before Julia’s segment, Hasalyn spoke with Darko Butorac, Music Director of the Missoula Symphony, to promote this weekend’s performance. It was kind of weird, because I was sitting literally five feet or so away. I’m glad my stomach didn’t unleash one of its Godzilla-like howls right in the middle of their discussion!

Next up was Julia’s big moment. They got all situated, Hasalyn went over what her plan was, and then they were off.


UPDATE: The actual video can be seen RIGHT HERE!

I think in a couple days the actual segment will be online via the KECI page, but here is the crappy camera video I shot. This is kind of the “behind the scenes” version. I’m sure it will be a special feature some day on the Donkeygirl Special Edition DVD.

It was a fun experience. What’s kind of funny is Hasalyn Harris is one of my “twitter friends” and we’ve actually exchanged several messages. When I thanked her later this morning, via Twitter, this was her response:

@hasalynharris Wait a minute – now I get it! I had no idea you were YOU this morning! Sorry I didn’t say HI!

Hasalyn is from North Bend, WA, just east of Seattle. I love that town; last time I was through there was when I got to play Dr. Doolittle on top of Mount Si. Hasalyn is a filmmaker and blogger as well, which you should check out. I really like the name, Alone in a Forest. Very cool.

Times like this is when I re-realize all over again that Missoula is such a cool town. And something of a small world too, especially when dealing with creative types. I dig it.

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  1. >I love this. First- I love how in love with Julia you are. Second- I love that's she's kicking ass. Third-You take fabulous photos.You people make me very happy.

  2. >That is so exciting!! How great for Julia (and you as her boy toy, haha). It's nice to see good people get the recognition they deserve. She's a talented lady!

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