Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider

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I thought I’d talk a little about my story, “Romo Samson and the Grandmother Spider.” I wrote this quite some time ago; the Beat to a Pulp: Round One anthology was being compiled, and I threw it together at the 11th hour to see if I could get on board. I didn’t. I sat on it for a while, tinkered with it a bit, and tried submitting it elsewhere. A couple places I never heard back from, and another one was interested with a few changes. I resubmitted it and never heard back from them again either. I was considering totally revamping it about the time the Pulp Modern call for submissions came out, so I decided to edit it one more time and submit it, and it worked out.

It’s different from anything else I’ve done. It is kind of an Indiana Jones/Allan Quatermain-style adventure story. I’d been reading the Gabriel Hunt series, and was really into that. I thought I’d give the genre a try and had a lot of fun with it. I’ve even given some consideration to revisiting the character. Here is an excerpt:

Samson’s aim was steady as he held the heavy Smith & Wesson trained on Trachtman’s chest. A bead of sweat leaked from under the band of his hat.

“The choice is yours, Samson,” Trachtman said, then chuckled. “Shoot me, and the Diné dies. Is her life worth less to you than this?” He held out a leather bag that sagged with the weight of its contents.

“Don’t do it, Romo!” Luci shrieked. “You have to stop him!”

Samson glanced at Luci. The young Indian woman struggled in the grasp of one of Trachtman’s henchmen. The man, Hawthorne, held her arms firmly behind her back while another man, a thug who called himself Iddings, wrapped her long braids around his wrist and jerked her head back to expose her tan throat. With his free hand Iddings held the tip of a large knife to her jugular. He smiled toothily.

“Go ahead, Romo,” Trachtman urged. “Pull the trigger. I think the spray from her artery may reach you before I hit the ground.”

His eyes narrowed, Samson met Trachtman’s stare with determination. Then he shrugged and lowered the pistol. “You win this hand, Hunter,” he said, flipping the pistol over and handing it to the taller man, butt-first. “But the game isn’t over yet.”

Trachtman accepted the revolver, hefting its weight in his hand. “That is where you’re wrong,” he said.

With a smooth motion Trachtman raised the pistol and shot Romo Samson in the face.

I don’t think it’s particularly original, but I hope it’s at least entertaining. That’s what I’m aiming for, at least. Check it out.

Canyon de Chelly, where the action takes place

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    1. Thanks, Charles. I haven’t had the opportunity to read much of the collection beyond my own contribution yet, but I trust it’s great. Alec Cizak is a solid editor.

  1. I wouldn’t say that this story was not original. I think it falls in with a traditional kind of adventure story that I wanted to see in Pulp Modern. As the journal continues, I would like to see more modern and postmodern elements attached to this genre (and all the genres, for that matter), but I think Romo Samson provides a good starting point.

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