Rubbing My Grubby Hands Together

We’re careening into the holiday season already. How do I know? Because people have been complaining about seeing Christmas decorations in the stores for a couple weeks now, and I got my first whiff that Christmas music is in the air. Plus Julia showed me the outfit they have to wear during December at Betty’s, and she called it her “Star Track” uniform. I asked her to repeat it, as if I hadn’t heard, just so I could hear her say “Star Track” again (instead of, of course, star TREK). Last year it was this awesome gray onesie thing that she still busts out for relaxation time. I should really lean on Aimee to put them in onesies every year.

Anyway, there are a few things coming up in the next couple weeks that I’m actually excited for. In no particular order, they include:

  • THANKSGIVING! Arguably my favorite holiday, and not for what it represents. For me it’s about the time of year and feasting on my mom’s excellent cooking. It’s a holiday for sweat pants, no doubt about it.
  • Julia and I plan to go see that new Hunger Games movie. Liked the first one enough to want to see the second, though it didn’t make me want to read the books. I’m cool with that.
  • I’m pretty stoked to go to Portland the week after that for the Noir at the Bar event. Good people involved and it should be fun. Plus I’m always up for a prowl around that city, and I should have a couple hours to do so.
  • Holiday Made Fair coming up as well. Hoping to sell some bitchin’ Naked But For a Loincloth shirts. Maybe I’ll become a t-shirt tycoon, who knows.
  • New Hobbit movie. Yeah, I’m still a geek for that stuff.

That’s all just in the next couple weeks, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something (not the least of which will be a trip to Texas for work, I think).

Anything coming up you’re particularly looking forward to?


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6 Responses to Rubbing My Grubby Hands Together

  1. Victoria says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the holidays… that I type that I believe it to be mostly true. For the past 14 years or so our holidays have been celebrated on “off” days due to scheduling conflicts but we don’t mind. I love the lights, the decorations, the cooking, baking, music, you name it. It’s a feel good time of year. We’re not religious in the least but we love all the trappings. We also don’t go in for much shopping. I’ll knit a few gifts and we’ll spend most of our money on a family after the holidays fancy dinner out together which is always fun.

  2. laurenob says:

    Sounds like you guys have some nice holiday plans. That Portland N@B sounds great, wish I could get there.

    I completely agree that the best thing about the holidays is family time. Now that my Dad (always the life of the family/party) is gone and the family spread out, a bit of the starch has been taken out of them. However, I look forward to a vegan feast at my Aunt’s house with my beloved cousins. They’ve raised (shockingly, knowing our generation) some super nifty kids and nothing is better than spending the day with them, cramming my gob until I need elastic pants, and watching football.

    Awesome to hear Julia is such a staunch Trackie.

    • Chris says:

      The words “vegan” and “feast” crash together in my brain like the nuclear-fueled conclusion of a Cold War-inspired post-apocalyptic disaster film. I’ll have to take your word for that.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    Looking forward to the Hunger Games movie tomorrow. Although I just saw the best movie of the year for me, BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. Yes, it’s about lesbians and has a lot of sex, but it is really about heartbreak, class, coming of age.

    • Chris says:

      I want to see that BLUE movie too, and not just for the obvious reasons. I think we are going to see the Hunger Games movie on Thanksgiving, or maybe the night before.

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