Russian Wilderness

I’ve been compelled by the wilds of Russia for some time now. This photo essay from a site called English Russia really provides some natural eye candy. Do check it out. Here are a couple pictures and captions that particularly caught my fancy.

People often try to find human features in animals, wild or domestic. In this picture a bear seems to admire the evening lake. In fact, it is sitting in a food coma, overeaten itself with salmon. It can’t eat anymore, it is even difficult to move, and fish still swims in the lake. The bear observes fish with satisfaction and happiness in its eyes.


Ha. Food coma. I’m familiar with that concept.

When one moves to live among wild nature, one gets to understanding that 2/3 of city life skills are of no use here. Simple things become vital: set the saw, start your snowmobile that stopped in the middle of snowy landscape, not to get lost in the wild nature.

This little photographic jaunt is going to make me bump my copy of Ian Frazier’s Travels in Siberia up on the TBR queue, for sure.

I love this kind of thing.

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