8 thoughts on “>Sadly, All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. Chris

    >That's right. They're just down the street and they greet me with my first name when I walk in the door. I guess that speaks to the frequency in which I have crossed that threshold, I suppose.

  2. Chris

    >Rachel: Unfortunately, no. I had diner's remorse shortly after based on how much I did eat, though, then sharer's remorse the next day.Kirsten: That is a bummer. It's especially a bummer that I'm too broke right now to take advantage of the big sale too. I went to Ace on Saturday and the parking lot out there was out of control.

  3. Rebecca

    >I hit Sportsman's Surplus twice on Saturday: a down parka, a pair of jeans, some Forest Service maps and a box of shotgun shells. Which pizza place did the victim come from?


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