Saturday Night Excitement

After two weeks in a row of being gone most of the time, I got home in time to basically put Julia on a plane to Tucson for a few days. I wish I could have gone with her! And with Sid essentially gone all the time (either flipping burgers at Wendy’s or hanging out with his degenerate friends), I found myself alone on Saturday night. So I watched a couple movies and endured my other companions. This is what passes for excitement up in here with La Sirena absent. . . .

My life is an adventure.

I’ve been experimenting with uploading files direct from my cell phone to Tumblr, another blogging site. It’s cool because it automatically updates Twitter and Facebook simultaneously as well (like that really matters). You can check out what I’ve been doing if you want, to see stuff like this:

It’s something I’m experimenting with, more as a place to post one-offs when I’m on the go, then use this page for longer stuff. Who knows. At the same time, I’ve been considering just up and stopping doing ANY of this stuff.

Have one more batch of photos from the last Chicago trip; don’t know if I’ll do that here or maybe just throw them up on Flickr. Also have some shots I took hiking over the last few days.

So much action, so little time. . . .

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Excitement”

  1. >I don't know if he does or not. But I call his friends degenerates all the time — except for when I call them smelly punks — they don't mind, I get along very well with them. Hell, they're all musicians; of course they're degenerates!

  2. >Home alone, too, with the dog. Been watching westerns, a couple good ones I'll review shortly on my blog: FACE OF A FUGITIVE and MAN IN THE SHADOW. I also bought the entire boxed set of DEADWOOD, which I'm watching from the beginning with all the commentaries.

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