>She Makes the Action Happen

>While I was buzzing around Houston last week, Julia was revving up for another art showing thing. A friend of ours opened a new store on East Main called Cat’s Eye Designs. They’re new in town, having just moved here from LA, though they are from Montana originally. The space is where the old Missoula Osprey office was, and then a skateboard shop followed that. Anyway, Julia was asked if she wanted to have her paintings up for First Friday, and then for the rest of the month. And yes, if I weren’t so lame I would have announced it BEFORE it all went down, but that’s how I am, I guess.

So while I was away she wrapped up her new painting, La Tigresa, and then took them all down and got them up on the wall. I think they look awesome against the brick backdrop.

And here is the finished version of La Tigresa.

Another angle.

Here’s a shot of the artist herself admiring her handiwork (and creating little tags for the paintings).

Hey, wait a minute . . . what is that little creature at her feet?

It’s Roxie the Store Mascot!

Julia is dying to set up a play date between Roxie and Darla. Darla is game, as long as Roxie understands who really knows how to rock a comfy chair.

Roxie was quite the attraction to everyone.

I thought this particular art creation was awesome. Love the choices made for the record covers to show.

As the evening progressed, the place filled up pretty well at times.

I really enjoyed being the guy on the sidelines, watching people take in Julia’s work, ask questions, etc. I probably don’t mention enough how much of an inspiration she is to me with all of the creative things she does. I mean she is always busy doing something artistic — clothes, art, dancing, music — and it really infuses the household with art. I’m pretty lucky that way. I admire her tremendously.

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