Shut ‘er Down, We’re Outta Here

You know, every day since this whole stupid government shutdown thing, one or two new items pop up that aren’t functioning because of it, the latest being the non-payment of death benefits to the survivors of fallen military members. It’s illegal, apparently. Yet shutting the government down isn’t. Hmm. Seems like their should be a few heads on pikes out front of Congress, if you ask me.

Plus we can’t go to any of our National Parks, which means all the businesses that rely on that tourist traffic are suffering for it. The bullshit list is extensive, and it pisses me off. What is particularly ridiculous to me is the shock that so many folks display when they hear about something no longer functioning because of the shutdown, which leads to this amazing revelation:

The Government Actually Does Stuff

I would expect that the majority of the assholes who drove this bus into the ditch don’t even fully understand what the shutdown means, because their lives, so divorced from the reality that the rest of us live in, remain pretty much unaffected. It makes me angry, but I’m always angry when it comes to politicians — both Democrat and Republican (though in this particular example I hold the Republicans 100% to blame). It’s led to another pretty amazing revelation, at least among people with brains:

It’s a Bad Idea to Shut the Government Down

Though I would add this addendum to the previous:

Unless it’s with Pitchforks, Torches, and Guns

Finally, spend a little time online in social media, or reading comment threads on any of these issues (or on anything, really), and people with brains will also (hopefully, but not often enough, unfortunately) be reminded that:

Arguing on the Internet Makes Everyone Look Like An Idiot, Especially YOU

Yes, it does. Always. Without fail. There is nothing to be gained from it. But some people really seem to get off on it, because they do it. A lot. I can only shake my head. This whole episode has not only made me think less of the people in government, but also for a lot of other plebes like me. It’s depressing if you think about it enough.


10 thoughts on “Shut ‘er Down, We’re Outta Here

  1. Jack Badelaire (@jbadelaire)

    1. Very well said. The federal government has a far more wide-ranging affect on many people’s daily lives than most imagine. And the irony is now, the guys who supposedly run the federal government probably had no idea what it did for the average citizen, i.e., the folks who pay the taxes that pay Congress, and vote them back into office.

    2. That eagle is eyeballing that airplane and the ribbon over Lady Liberty’s head like he hasn’t had lunch in a week.

    3. Don’t mess with Bald Eagles, man. They will Mess You Up.

  2. Mike Orenduff

    Well, someone has to take the other side, so let me give it a whirl. When the government runs up debt, it pays it off by taxing us. The larger the debt, the more tax money required to pay it. When money comes out of the private sector, jobs are lost. So yes, park rangers are on furlough, and I regret that. But thirty million people who don’t work for the government are unemployed. And if we don’t reduce government spending, most of them will remain unemployed. Not furloughed, not having to wait a few weeks to get their check. We are talking no check. Not for several years for some of them. So is the best way to reduce debt to shut down government? Of course not. But it seems to be the only way. Because once the government starts up again, the deficit spending will continue to spiral out of control. Have you ever thought about the fact that we are always arguing over raising the debt ceiling? Have you ever wondered why we never lower it? If you call MasterCard and ask to have your debt limit increased, they will probably allow it if you have good credit. But what if you call them every year for a quarter of a century asking for a higher limit on your card? Do you think they might eventually say no? We need to say no to unlimited debt. And since we can’t stop the idiots in Washington (both parties) from creating more debt, maybe we can do it with a default. Nothing else seems to work. So yes, I feel bad about the people furloughed. But I also feel bad that my grandson and granddaughter owe 120,000 to creditors of the U.S. And the only way that gets paid is that they have to shell our an additional 120,000 in taxes when they grow up. I’m willing to put a little pain on federal employees if that’s what it takes to stop the growth of the debt bomb we are dropping on our descendants.

  3. G. B. Miller

    It is what it is. However, here it was hitting close to home as both Sikorsky and United Tech (both seriously major players in the defense industry) were within days of furloughing about 3K+ employees because there were no federal inspectors to inspect the various parts for planes and helios so that they could continue to be built.

    Personally, I hold the party of the elephant 100% responsible, as what goes around, comes around.

    Oh, I don’t really argue on the internet anymore. I just push people’s buttons.


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