>Six Down, One to Go!

>I really don’t have much of an idea of who looks at this blog outside of the handful who regularly comment. I imagine the ones who are addicted to writing blogs and crime fiction and all that are pretty tired of seeing so many posts about a fashion design contest, but whatever. Julia would totally shout it to the world if I ever started kicking ass with my creative pursuits, and I feel the same way about what she’s doing. Besides, it’s fun.

April 16th: Challenge Six — The Fantasy Design

This would be the final challenge before the Grand Finale to determine the overall winner. With only four contestants remaining, one needed to be eliminated so that three could advance to determine the champion. This time around the designers were told to close their eyes and imagine themselves as some alternate version of themselves, and what they would like to be. They were allowed 5 yards of a single color of fabric, plus they could then accessorize it with whatever they wanted to.

Jodi imagined herself as a child again, and dressed her daughter in a little pink faerie outfit. While she talked about her design, Caryn and Candice looked on.

Candice said her alternate self lived on a world where it was never cold and was always sunny, and she could fly around like a Jetson’s character.

As soon as Caryn came out, it was clear that she was sporting a totally different identity. This was her “power suit” as they called it; bitchy and brash is what she was trying to portray, which is totally different from her real personality.

There was some serious questioning and answering going on with the judges. My mom and sister, in the background to the right, are clearly focused on the goings-on here.

Of course I only had eyes for Julia.

Especially when she was walking away.

Of course coming back wasn’t too bad either.

She’s really a striking woman, if I may say so myself. She’s 5’10” in her stocking feet, but when she throws her big heels on she’s about 6’2″ or 6’3″. That made her about the tallest person in the room! I have to remember to wear my boots just to stay even with her. She gets a kick out of that.

Julia talked about making some kind of “explorer” outfit, but the right color fabric wasn’t available. Then she talked about how she’s always fancied some kind of monastic existence, which would come as a surprise to people who know her, but that she realized she couldn’t handle the celibacy part. So this was her “When God Was a Woman” alter-ego. In a nutshell, she was dressed up as her version of a Priestess of the Goddess, growing up surrounded by women with no notions of ever getting married, etc. But having other “duties” as well, as she called them, as it relates to menfolk — if you catch my meaning. It was definitely a PG-13 rated critique/explanation session with the judges; I was a little disappointed, because I wanted her to go Full R. Oh well. I guess someone needs to think about the children. She looked great.

Julia and Caryn were standing next to each other when they learned they tied for the popular vote (I teased our friend Autumn and her sister, who came to watch but showed up late, that if they’d showed up in time to vote then Julia would have won the popular vote).

When all was said and done, Julia was judged the winner of the challenge (woo hoo!) and she advanced to the finals with Caryn and Candice. That event is in three weeks, on May 7th. You won’t hear any more about it until it’s imminent, so rest easy!

After all the festivities we went next door to the new tapas restaurant, The Silk Road, and had dinner with Autumn and her sister (whose name continues to escape me). The food was great, and the company was even better. All in all it was a great night!

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  1. >I LOVE reading about Julia's competition – she is AWESOME! You are a lucky man indeed. I also went to the Silk Road last weekend – mmmm, tasty treats.

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