>Smoky Tuesday

>It’s hard to believe that pretty much all of last August we were under an even heavier cloud of smoke from fires than we have going on today. As the breeze shifts and ebbs, the smell blows through my open window. According to New West, the air is officially “unhealthy.” That’s nice, since I will be sucking it in with enormous gulps during tonight’s soccer game. Semi-final match; if we win, we are in the final!

Speaking of New West, I just posted an essay about Total Fest VII, which went off at The Badlander last weekend. It was freakin’ awesome. If you want to hear why, read the piece over there. Meanwhile, here are a couple pictures from the goings-on:

What’s pretty funny is that while researching the New West thing I did, I found this video which I didn’t even know existed; the music is strangely familiar:

Next up, I’m going to talk about . . . Clydesdales!

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