>Snow Day

>Yesterday Sid and me went out to my parents’ house to shovel snow off the roof of their house. They live west of Missoula in an area known as Six Mile; probably 30 miles or so at least from where we live. As wintery as it is here in town, it is much more so out their way.

Here is a shot of a couple locals checking out what we are doing.

We figured we would get out there and knock it out in an hour or so. Wrong! There was a lot of snow up on the roof — a couple feet in spots — and recent warmer temperatures and a little rain had settled it in quite a bit. It was a lot of work to get clear. About 30 minutes into it, Sid said, “All I know is we better go someplace like Fuddrucker’s after this.” Another hour and it was, “I think I’d rather go to Fiesta en Jalisco instead.” As you can see here, he is working on applying for a career working for the state, and doing quite well:

I enjoyed it, believe it or not, even though I am sore today and have the muscles to prove it. Luckily I’ve been working out quite a bit lately so I was prepared; I would have hated to get off the couch and go directly to that. At one point Sid said, “We should have brought our iPods up here.” I was happy I didn’t. I liked hearing the breeze, the local dogs getting in a ruckus about something, the sound of the shovels scooping big chunks of snow, and a distant flock of geese. I find this kind of work very rewarding because, unlike my day job, after a few hours of effort there is actually something physical to show for it, something that actually seems beneficial. It is appropriate that I came home and opened up the book I am reading right now, A Handmade Life — In Search of Simplicity by Wm. S. Coperthwaite, to a page that has the following blurb that features a quote from Thoreau:

Great thoughts hallow any labor. Today I earned seventy-five cents heaving manure out of a pen, and made a good bargain of it. If the ditcher muses the while how he may live uprightly, the ditching spade and the turf knife may be engraved on the coat-of-arms of his posterity.

I like that. Here are a couple more pictures; you can check out all of them I took — a dozen or so — RIGHT HERE. It was a beautiful day, and the work was a great way to enjoy it. Possibly the highlight of the winter so far!

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  1. >so beautiful!keith’s the one who always has to have the radio going or something for background noise, but when he’s not in the tiny house i turn off the radio and listen to the fire and the birds outside—it’s interesting what you hear when you’re not even trying. i can imagine the sounds of shoveling snow off the roof!

  2. >Hey Chris – I know what you mean. I found it abnormally enjoyable to shovel my driveway last month in an attempt to free my car from the garage that I shoveled the whole thing and part of the street, although it wasn’t totally necessary to do so. It was great excersize and nice to get that cold air in the lungs. Now, I wouldn’t want to do that every week all winter, but…

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