>So Cool I Can Hardly Stand It

>My friend Will Broadbent is an artist and rocks the drums for one of my favorite bands in the world, Maine’s OGRE. They have a new album coming out, which is a 38 minute, single-song concept ala Rush‘s 2112 or KISS‘s The Elder.

Not only do they have one of the coolest names in rock, which kinda pisses me off, they have now unleashed the cover art for the new record, and Will did it. It is the greatest piece of album art I have ever seen. Dig this:

That is a thing of true beauty. Not only that, but these guys are also doing some shows in Japan in March. I can hardly stand it.

Seriously though, they are great guys and deserve every bit of what is happening. I guarantee they ain’t making a penny, far from it — they are just doing great music and putting it out in cool-as-all getout fashion because they love it. And I love that.

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