>So What’s the Deal Here Anyway?

>The fine folks at 4&20 blackbirds actually linked here with an announcement as to the presence of this blog, and I think that’s pretty damn swell of them. They also did so at Shakespeare and Co, and that is equally cool. I guess I’ll have to actually make some decent posts now, eh?

I should probably make more of an effort to explain this site. As some folks know, this is basically Stumbling the Walk MK II. This site has actually been around since January 01, 2007, and started out as a website for my wife, Julia, and I. Almost as long as we have known each other we had been talking about having a little website to address our environmental, social and political concerns and ideas. That’s most of what we’ve done: talk. It seemed time to start walking the walk. Or at least stumbling. So it became . . . Stumbling the Walk!

Essentially this started out as a place for us to write about all the things we are into and think about, and provide a soapbox or stage from which to bray it out into the world. Ultimately we planned to make it cooler than that; we wanted it to be more compelling than just another run-of-the-mill blog of little interest to folks beyond the ones actually doing the blogtificating. We launched the original website concurrent with a big experiment we decided to run with called The Voracious Project.

The Voracious Project (links to PDF) was our exercise in documenting what we buy in photos, and do it for a year. Our Gallery had month to month photos of everything we bought. We intended to shock ourselves into better habits as a result of the project, and hopefully inspire some people to at least comment on our efforts even as they shared their own.

We lasted through June before basically throwing in the towel, at least when it comes to the photos and blog. Taking the pictures and trying to keep the blog running started to feel like too much of a ball and chain, which kind of defeated the ultimate purpose of the whole idea: living life. We also didn’t do too good of a job of getting the thing out into the wider world, but we were a little new to the whole internet blog thing. Promoting rock bands? No problem. Promoting a site with kind of a blurry focus? Not so second nature. Live and learn!

The pictures and everything was just one piece of the whole Stumbling the Walk thing. Our goal is to live simpler, fuller lives than what our society tends to encourage people to do, and that is what we are striving for. We want to focus on our arts; our music, our writing . . . our interaction with our community and the wider world around us. Stumbling the Walk was really just a tool to exercise our creativity and interact with other people in ways that maybe we otherwise wouldn’t. Ultimately it did serve that purpose, because in the six months we were actively engaged in it we definitely made a lot of changes in our lives.

So now in ’08 I have revived it for my own purposes, which are pretty much the same as the original goals. Hopefully I can keep it interesting!

Tater Pig is our Family Band, and we Rock!

4 thoughts on “>So What’s the Deal Here Anyway?”

  1. >Nice explanation on the title…but I didn’t mean to put you to work!I picked you up via Shakespeare, just so you know. So if you’re gonna blame anyone, look there. :-)Sorry about missing Tater Pigs.

  2. >I’m really glad you revived Stumbling the Walk. Even if the original concept was too much to maintain, it was a great idea, and I look forward to reading more.

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