Somebody Has to be the Jackass

I remember that Julia had been interviewed by these folks, but forgot about it. Now you can check it out yourself!

Missoula Fashion 2011: From Goodwill to glamour

“Fashion takes itself way too seriously,” said Julia LaTray, the designer, seamstress and owner of Donkey Girl brand clothing. She named her one-woman production after what she considers her spirit animal. “We can’t all be leopards and peacocks. Somebody has to be the jackass,” she said.

I love it when Julia gets props. She works her ass off.

Big thanks to Kate Whittle at the Kaimin!

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    >Ah, thanks, Patti. Was at the Detroit airport yesterday with a close connection. Almost hoped I'd miss it so I could stay the night and take you and your man out to a feast or something.


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