>Sometimes I Gamble, Usually I Lose

>Long day at O’Hare airport yesterday. I wrapped up my work a day early on Wednesday, and opted to get to the airport early on Thursday in hopes of catching an early flight home via standby. It didn’t pay off; I spent about 9 hours there and barely made my connection from Minneapolis to Missoula. Consequently today my ass is dragging, and we have a show to do tonight. I seem to have more travel hangups in Chicago than anywhere else; I blame the UFOs.

I had some work to get done, and tried to make best use of my time doing that. However, as anyone who travels a lot knows, airports suck for providing space to actually set up and work. These little cubes put my ass to sleep. The guy next to me was blabbing on his cell phone; I gather he works for a cosmetics company or something going to a trade show hoping to land some deal with Wal Mart.

Thankfully over all those hours my guts kept to the straight and narrow. I don’t trust these cans at O’Hare with the automatic ass gaskets.

As the hours ticked by, more and more flights were getting delayed. There was apparently weather out East that was causing air traffic problems, so flights coming in were late, causing flights going back out to back up. It’s too bad there isn’t an easier fix for clearing all that pluggage, you know?

Lots of irritable people were milling about, shouting into their cell phones, clattering away at their blackberries, and otherwise being nuisances.

Speaking of blackberries, as I was dashing from the gate where I landed in Minneapolis to the one with the flight out to Missoula, they started paging me to hurry up. One of my fellow work travelers that I cross paths with on occasion was waiting out a layover, and sent me the following via his blackberry; I thought that was kind of funny.

Hey, If you are in MSP, get to your gate! If not, sorry I bothered you.

I don’t have a blackberry. Nor will I ever, if the gods are on my side. If fancy blackberries and phones with cameras and mp3 players and shit in them are like Cadillacs, then I am quite content with my beat up old covered wagon.

Edit: Just saw this — it’s pretty cool:

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