>Sounds Like Something I’ve Got to See!

>Or not. . . .

Doomsday is a mess of lousy filmmaking and unrelenting artistic bankruptcy, smashed together to form an ear-splitting, overcooked, awfully irritating shell of an experience.”

Maybe Rhona Mitra should have brought her snake with her.

Oh well.

Why I Hate Modern Heavy Metal

To me, when someone talks about “metal” I think of the bands that defined the genre when I was growing up. Judas Priest. Iron Maiden. Or Black Sabbath. You can even interest me if you are talking about Slayer or early Metallica, though that is more “thrash” and is the sign of when things started to change. I really don’t like modern metal though. All the fake anger, “we’re so tough” BS is really tiresome. I don’t mind bands who tie in horror movie imagery, but so many of them tie all that supposed badassery in as if to say, “this is how we roll (there’s that line again, mwua ha ha ha!) 24 x 7, baby!”

Case in point, this is the bio from a band from around here. It just kills me with its stupidity. I’ll change the name to protect the innocent by substituting the real band name with “Plush Stuffed Kitty.” Prepare to be dazzled:

Plush Stuffed Kitty is a product of hardcore friends and the love for goodtimes ,good drinks, and metal music.PSK is a reflection of the world today and all its horror and brutality along with love, hate and the uncontrolable urge to destroy everything for nothing.PSK encourages brotherhood, honesty and tolerance along with the strength to stand and kill for your beliefs and rights.Listen to our music,hear and understand our words.Find yourself.Arm yourself.

Time to take yourselves a little less seriously, guys. Maybe this will help: your very own plush, stuffed kitty.

Interesting Accomodations

While taking a short vacation in beautiful Bisbee, AZ, a couple years ago, we stayed at this place called Shady Dell. It was great. Here is some info:

The Shady Dell began its history in 1927, providing trailer and camping spaces to travelers of Hwy. 80, which stretched from San Diego, California to Savannah, Georgia. Today, the Shady Dell is a combination of the traditional and unique. Part of the park is equipped with full RV hookups for the modern day traveler, while the other part is a step back in time.

A sleek lineup of vintage aluminum travel trailers is available for overnight or weekly rental. This collection includes a 1949 Airstream, 1950 Spartanette, 1950 Spartan Manor, 1954 Crown, and 1951 Royal Mansion among others.

Interiors are rich blonde wood or highly polished aluminum, and every effort has been made to keep the decor original. Cassette tapes of big band, early rhythm and blues, and favorite old radio programs are provided for play in reproduction vintage radios. Each trailer is equipped with a propane stove, refrigerator and electric percolator. All dishes and linens are furnished.

Some trailers have original black-and-white televisions and phonographs with a selection of vintage records. Magazines and books from the period are provided. Outside each trailer is a grassy yard with lounge chairs. Barbecue grills are available. The park restrooms with hot showers are spacious and clean, and decorated with memorabilia from the heyday of the travel trailer.

The trailer was cool to stay in, and we watched a couple cheesy old b/w sci-fi movies on the vintage TV set, then had a barbeque in our little patch of yard out front. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, I was reminded of Shady Dell when my dad sent me this photo today:

Doesn’t that look like some kind of crazy, creative motel arrangement? If not, it should be. It just needs a rusted out old chevette or something with flowers growing out of it in the yard.

This Guy Needs Some Money

Saw this video on the official KISS website. Those bastards should send him whatever fees he needs. It’s Detroit Rock City, after all!

Let’s see, the city of Detroit referring to something else as blight. Hmmmmm. . . .

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  1. >It always kills me when city officials arbitrarily decide to take a stand on stupid issues. We recently were told that the city of Missoula would come and remove, at our expense, the piles of clean topsoil that we currently have in the boulevard outside our house if we don’t remove them ourselves. Are they gonna come and remove all the junked-out cars, some of them immobile, that other neighbors have in THEIR boulevards? Of course not. We have those piles of topsoil there so that we can, when the weather warms up, landscape the property. And it’s a problem. Good grief.Your comments on the band bio are too true. I could fill an entire blog — nay, an entire freaking daily newspaper — with the inane press releases that bands send out. It’s staggering.

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