Springs Comes — Finally!

A week ago today I was out driving and walking around Missoula taking photographs for the Crumley piece I did. It was gray, and damp, and with the wind blowing it was downright cold out. That all changed this weekend with the arrival of sunshine and 70+ degree weather. It was glorious! So we kind of scrapped all other plans and spent some extra time outdoors.

Bass Creek Trail

Saturday we drove down just south of Florence and did a little hiking along the Bass Creek Trail. We got a late start, but it still felt great to get out and stretch the legs in the sunshine. Ravalli County Search and Rescue had a bunch of stuff set up at the trail head. There was training going on for potential EMTs.

A guy we spoke to explained the various things they would be doing, including a simulated “catastrophic event” which would be held late that night that would see them out there until about 2 or 3 AM.

The lower part of the trail was cool and shady, running along Bass Creek.

The cliffs to are right were beautiful. I like the variations in landscape of the various hikes we go on, all within about 30 minutes of home.

A snake bolted across our path!

As we gained elevation the trail was covered with snow and ice. Going up wasn’t so bad, but coming down was an exercise in not-falling-on-your-ass. Julia did wipe out once. I pointed and laughed. We survived though. Even did this self portrait where we turned around a couple three miles up. Good thing we stood in the brightest possible sunshine possible too to totally wash out the image. We’re smart that way, and I’m such a genius photographer.

Waterworks Hill

Sunday before we got started on other projects and errands we hiked up Waterworks Hill, which is on the north side of Missoula. All my years living here and I’d never been up there before. It provides a nice view of Missoula. I really need to learn how to use my camera better in bright sunlight — it was really a much more spectacular day than these images show.

This is the site of the old peace sign that used to be here, and was visible from the valley below. It was quite a landmark, but I think someone bought the property and tore it down or something.

We returned through a little canyon called Cherry Gulch. With all the birds chirping and other folks out enjoying the weather, it was quite an invigorating, if short, outing.

It was good to get out, soak up some rays and make other plans for getting out this summer. We’re looking forward to it!

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  1. Joanne Elliott

    >What a beautiful day you had. Thanks for sharing it. It's great when spring finally arrives. Its my second favorite season…autumn is my first. Summer is a little too warm for me here in So Cal.


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