Sunday Evening Summer Music

A number of folks I follow post regular music posts, and I thought I would add a regular one of my own to fill the weekend void. These will be all songs that remind me of summer.

This first one is “Jane Says” by one of my all-time favorite bands, Jane’s Addiction. It came out in 1988. A good friend of mine I worked with at the time introduced me to the band; he was a huge fan of theirs. We went and saw them live together a couple times. We always thought this would be such a great summer driving song along the California coast, though at the time I could only imagine what that might be because I’d yet to ever see California. It’s a sad song, really, but I like it. This really isn’t even a true “video.” Jane’s Addiction didn’t really break big until the album after this one came out.


That was a very transitional phase of my life, the late 80s/early 90s. I sometimes wonder about that friend of mine, if he is even alive. I hope he is.


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