Frenchtown Elk

This is a nice herd of elk who appeared in the fields about three miles from my house. Maybe forty or so in all; one big bull who was chasing around a few spikes, plus a bunch of cows and a few young ‘uns. I could have watched them all day. In all my years ¬†around here, I’ve never seen them in this particular location.

Look close on a couple of these shots and you’ll see hawks perched on the fence posts, or flying around. What a beautiful day it was too.

Bull Elk in Yellowstone

Saw this mighty wapiti bedded down just off the road on our way to Mammoth for supplies on the evening of our arrival. On our way back to our base at Indian Creek Campsite, he was up and around. Impressive animal, indeed. Try and ignore the background noises from the other 10-15 people watching him . . . and wondering if he was a moose, deer, or elk.