Ten Things About Summer

Once again we’ve managed to blunder right into the middle of my least favorite time of year. I’m no summer guy, I like fall best, and winter, and spring. This year it has been particularly brutal. Temperatures (record highs!) into the 100s over the last two days of June, then searing heat through our first week of July, have threatened to make me surly. I remember a couple years ago when it got hot before the 4th the warnings being delivered via The Man were about being careful on the rivers because they were still running dangerously high with winter run-off. This year, the water is frighteningly low, and we are already into “Hoot-Owl” restrictions for fishing, something that doesn’t happen until late August, typically, if at all.

But damn it, I’m not going to complain. In my new approach to life I want to be just a shining ray of golden fucking sunshine to everyone around me, so rather than go on about how much the heat sucks, I’m going to HTFU, be thankful that I have the means to get away from it if I really need to, and instead focus on what I DO like about summer. To that end, I give you ten wonderful things about this deadly season, in no particular order….

  1. Sun rises in the wee hours that stretch long into golden, lingering, gloriously late sun sets
  2. Breezy summer dresses
  3. Bare, dirty feet padding through the grass
  4. Fish popping the surface of the river from below, me, half-submerged nearby, with or without my fly rod
  5. Blockbuster movies
  6. Noisy splashes of color that coalesce into birds at my feeders
  7. The smell of first, second, and third cuttings of alfalfa
  8. Pretty girls on cruiser bikes pedaling through downtown
  9. Mountains of produce that would suggest the impossibility of hunger
  10. The burly inspiration of the buff, bronzed, and bitchin’

Anyone else have favorite things about summer, or are you all just a bunch of haters?


Turns out it was just a Baby Ruth floating in the boat

Author: Chris

Chris La Tray is a writer, a walker, and a photographer. He is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians and lives in Missoula, MT.

10 thoughts on “Ten Things About Summer”

  1. No snow is about the best I can do right now. We are cold and rainy here. I think we have the west coast’s weather.

  2. I know it’s summer because I sleep heavily with the window open next to my head and the blueberries are ripe right off my patio and I never see my wife, who is always up at her garden. Then I rise and my bones creak as I dress in torn clothes to head off to one or another of the endless string of outdoor painting jobs that come my way this time of year.

  3. Not quite sure what HTFU is, but txt acrnyns are nothing new to me.

    My favorite time of summer is sitting outside in the side yard, under the shade of our local mountain and enjoying the local symphony emitting from said mountain as well as the breeze blowing down from said mountain.

    That, my friend, is what gets my creative juices finally flowing.

    1. That sounds about perfect, George. I am often similarly inspired.

      As for HTFU, it stands for “harden the fuck up.” Ha ha. It’s what I tell myself when I feel I’m getting to whining about stuff too much.

  4. Like you, I prefer fall and winter, but t here are some things about summer that I enjoy: Tomato sandwiches, watermelons and tanned women in breezy dresses…

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