TERMINAL DAMAGE by the Do Some Damage crew (Book Review)

I was late to the party when it comes to reading eBooks. Didn’t see how I’d ever possibly be able to get on board. Then my mom bought me a Barnes & Noble Nook, and I ordered up a couple books. Actually enjoyed reading them. Now I have half-a-dozen or so waiting in queue to be read, right along with the 100+ of physical books I have that I need to get read. It goes on.

Still, not having a Kindle, I figured those releases that were Kindle-only wouldn’t ever cross my radar. Until I got this fancy Samsung Fascinate smart phone that has a Kindle ap on it. No way I could ever read anything on a freakin’ phone, though, right?


Releases like this collection from the fine folks at Do Some Damage are perfect. This is the second collection I’ve read exclusively on my phone (this one was the first), and I find it to be perfect. I don’t slouch into an overstuffed chair to dig in like I would with a regular book (or even with my Nook, for that matter), but often enough I find myself in situations where I have some time and don’t have anything with me to read. Out comes the phone, and I can read a story or two while waiting for whatever it is I’m waiting for. At the DMV. At the Jiffy Lube. Waiting for my kid after school. Hell, I finished this one lingering an extra 20 minutes in bed this morning.

What about the stories in Terminal Damage? Excellent, of course, which is to be expected. About half of these folks are already published authors, and the others have the ripe scent of inevitability all over their prose. The styles are as varied as the personalities of the writers, all touching on the airport theme that runs throughout. You want humor? Charbonneau brings it. Tough guy bustin’ people up? Weddle‘s your man. Biker dudes expanding their criminal enterprise? You knew John McFetridge would deliver.

So yeah, if you haven’t bought this already, do it. Get in on the ground floor so you can brag about how you were reading these cats before everyone else was.

5 thoughts on “TERMINAL DAMAGE by the Do Some Damage crew (Book Review)”

  1. >I totally agree – reading electronically is just different, not necessarily worse, and sometimes ideal. Mind if I link back to your post in my post on iPads and eReading?

  2. >I, too, have found reading on my Kindle to be far more enjoyable than I had anticipated. I also find myself reading more collections this way, and TERMINAL DAMAGE is certainly a fine one.

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