>Thank God for Fridays

>Post Traumatic Blog Disorder

My enthusiasm for posting has been pretty low this week. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy with other stuff, but in all honesty I think I’ve been kind of embarrassed. My post-PBR event blog generated some, shall we say, interesting email. Not the one from here, necessarily, but the version of it I cut and pasted over on our LAZERWOLFS MySpace page. Most of the vitriol I feel was probably deserved. Even though the point I was trying to make was that we had a great time, and it was overall a positive experience, the kind of handicapping I did of how it could have possibly gone better for us if a couple things had been different (no Clutch show, longer set, guilt over hitting my friends up for a high cover, etc.), apparently read as big nasty swings at the organizers. I should have devoted a couple paragraphs up front to thanking and praising the hard work of the organizers. Or maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.

The thing I feel most bad about is saying I didn’t really care for Good Neighbor Policy. I think that came off much harsher than intended. I’ve heard from a number of their fans and the band themselves. Got called some new names too. If I didn’t already suspect that I am indeed old due to the constant nagging discomforts of various strained muscles and bone spurs, these messages have definitely clued me in. Not a single swipe at the band, just plenty of reminders that we are essentially burned out old fuckers. Oh well, live and learn. I think it’s made me grouchy all week, though.

Ace Frehley

My article in the Independent on the Ace Frehley show came out today. Part of me thinks it’s pretty cool; it, and the Clutch review from last week, represent my first paid writing ever. Well, real writing anyway; I don’t count the bullshit technical writing I do for work as real writing. I’m a little dismayed that Ace only got the same amount of space that the ‘wolfs did about three weeks ago. As a freelancer, I’m happy to have gotten the opportunity to do the piece. As a fan, I’d say he definitely deserves more. The editing was light, which I appreciate. One thing I did is I wrote “KISS” in all caps throughout, fully expecting it to be changed, and it wasn’t. The KISS fan in me gets a little thrill out of that.

Joe Nickell over at the Entertainer hit a home run. I really like his piece. About double the words as mine, and Ace got the cover. As a writer, I’m jealous (heh). As a fan, I’m thrilled. Nice job, Joe.

One thing both papers did, to my dismay (it wasn’t in my original piece), was use the “KISS OFF” line. I groaned. That is way too easy. Maybe it was so apparent to me because of all the years as a fan, I’ve seen that line used and used and used. Overall, I’m just happy to see Ace get the press, because whomever is promoting it has done a shit job getting posters and stuff out. I haven’t been around town much, but in the places I’ve been I’ve not seen a single ad. Show is on Monday. I’m supposed to have backstage passes for Sid and I, so we’ll see if it works out. I’m not holding my breath.

Movie Alert

Last week Julia had the audacity to suggest I secretly wanted to see that awful 10,000 BC movie. After 30 seconds of the first trailer I saw of it I knew it would be an enormous steaming pile. The fact it is running a whopping 6% on the tomatometer over at Rotten Tomatoes is proof of that. Last week, when assuring Julia that no, I did not have a secret desire to watch that stupid CGI fest, I pointed out that as of Thursday night it still had no reviews on RT. That never bodes well. Advance reviews don’t happen when studios know their movie sucks. It probably helped them, because that movie had the biggest box office. Expect a huge plummet. Trust me, it’s awful. Probably not as awful as Titanic (another movie I’ve never seen, I just know it sucks beyond all suckness), but still bloody awful.

At the time I told her that 10,000 BC may be off the radar, but the chicks-in-bellydance-outfits-but-fighting flick, Doomsday, was definitely on for this week.

Lo and behold, it’s Thursday night and Doomsday has no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Oh, Great Mother Goddess, why has thou forsaken me?

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  1. >Thanks, man. I expect I’ll have a review of the show. All I know is if it is anywhere in the ballpark of the Paul Stanley show it will hurt me. Seeing YouTube clips of the tour showing him play stuff like “Hard Times” and “Snow Blind” makes me giddy with anticipation!

  2. >Congratulations on the article, and getting to interview one of your heroes.I merely meant to convey that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself with my “griping” comment last week, but I can see why a barrage of similar (and harsher) comments made you grumpy. Have fun Monday!

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