>That God It’s Saturday

>Especially since I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday. I took the day off just to clean the house and yard so I wouldn’t have to deal with it on the weekend. Since that is typically a Saturday task, and a couple weeks in a row of travel had me all haywire in thinking what day and stuff it was, I feel like I got a bonus. So getting up this morning to go the gym I was greeted by a sparkling clean house. I dug that.

Two travel weeks with little working out made me feel like I was starting over this morning. THAT sucks.

Have a busy weekend planned. I still have to write lyrics for three new LAZERWOLFS songs, as we are recording our new album next weekend. Tonight we are going to feast at Tipu’s, then go to the Betty’s fashion show, then round the evening out catching the Bob Wire show at the Union Club. It should be a gas.

Speaking of fashion, Sid’s entry in a flyer design contest at school won, so with his winnings he had me order him a bullet belt. He’s ready for the runway now. Maybe he should be in the fashion show.

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