The Big Picture has this section of their website called The Big Picture that has just some phenomenal photography. I stumbled across it during the World Cup.

Recently they had a collection from The Festival of San Fermin, 2010, in Spain. That’s where they do the whole “running of the bulls” thing. Not all of the images are for the squeamish, but it’s still fantastic photography. Here are a couple images (remember to click to see them bigger!):

The most recent collection is called Stormy Skies. Here are a couple of those images:

I could spend hours looking at this stuff. HERE is a list of everything that has been posted in July. I’m in awe of this art form.

2 thoughts on “The Big Picture”

  1. >Thanks for this. I watched bullfighting on a big screen TV when I was in Spain. Closeups of the knife work are a little different from seeing closeups of the pitcher in a televised baseball game. Definitely not for the squeamish.

  2. >Ron, I can imagine. I'm on the fence about bullfighting; I don't know that I could stomach it. It's their culture and their tradition, but I'd hate to be the deciding vote on whether or not it should be allowed, you know?

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