The Biggest Asshole in the World

Flew from Missoula to Denver en route to Tulsa today. While waiting to board the connection to Tulsa, there was some snafu and our plane out was a little behind getting in. Once it arrived and unloaded, we then learned we were waiting on the pilot. All in all it was delayed probably about an hour or so. When the pilot finally arrived, everyone cheered. As the somewhat sarcastic cheers subsided, one guy continued to clap in a slow, loud, measured cadence. Then he said, “I hope we didn’t rush you.” Everyone just kind of looked at him, stunned.

I don’t know. Re-reading what I just wrote doesn’t sound that bad, but the tone of the guy’s voice, and the look of disdain he was directing the pilot, was one of the worst examples of behavior I’ve seen in the airport. He was an older guy in a suit, maybe in his 70s, with that narrow nose, patrician features, and perfectly coiffed silver hair you expect to see on a campaign poster (Republican, of course).

I sought him out when I got on the plane, and he was in his seat, obviously still stewing in his own anger.

Once we were in the air, the flight attendant was doing her beverage service. She was friendly (and no, that absolutely isn’t a given), but when she reached his seat he must have asked for some free booze; I was three or four rows behind so I couldn’t hear. I just heard her laugh and say, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that.” Then he said something else, and she kind of recoiled liked she’d been slapped. “Excuse me?” she said, and he said something else. A few more words were exchanged, and she said, “Are we going to have a problem, sir?” She was clearly pissed and offended. Finally she just shook her head, muttered something, pushed her cart by him, gathered herself, and finished working her way down the aisle. I snapped this picture of him from behind after she’d passed and was making her way back up to the front of the plane; I was hoping he’d get up to use the restroom or something, or that I’d see him in baggage claim. Neither opportunity presented itself for a better shot.

What a miserable bastard. There is never any justification for that kind of relentless bad behavior. Everyone melts down a little now and then, but this was willful belligerence. I’m against it. I wish I’d been closer to the exchange to intervene and call him out for his actions. Someone should have.

What a jackass.

9 thoughts on “The Biggest Asshole in the World

  1. Charles Gramlich

    I could possibly conceive of the issue with the pilot, but that is no excuse whatsoever for bad behavior to the stewardess, whose job is hard enough. Some folks just delight in being assholes. I put it down to an empty soul.

  2. yalestar

    I’m convinced that for these kinds of jackwads, it all boils down to a victim complex. “Everybody’s out to make my flight miserable!”

    Still, they deserve to be flensed and rendered for “scientific” purposes.

  3. April

    Love the new format, Chris.

    People who act like this in public, especially in a closed confined environment like a plane, should be shamed. Out loud. Like a child. But that’s just me.

    1. chrislatray Post author

      That’s exactly what pisses me off, the attitude toward service workers, and the “customer is always right” mentality. It makes me crazy.

  4. David Cranmer

    I have flown quite a bit over the last twenty-five years and I’ve seen a steady decline in manners. I’m working on becoming rich and having my own Learjet and avoiding idiots like that one.

  5. Randy Johnson

    Never flown in a commercial plane, but I’ve seen such ill-mannered people toward service workers(I was one myself in high school and had my share of them) in other lines of work and was appalled.

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