>The Greatest Force for Bullshit the World has Ever Known

>That’s how John McCain referred to the USA during that stupid debate the other night. Basically. Yeah, he said we were a “force for good” but I’ve taken some poetic license with it, seeing as how this is my damn blog. I don’t see how that guy can stand on the pile of dead bodies we’ve left all over the world and talk about this country as a “force for good.” How many innocent dead in Afghanistan? How about in Iraq? And what about the refugee crisis in Iraq? Who do these guys think they are kidding?

By the way, when did dissent become terrorism? What’s the deal with US troops deployed domestically, with access to lethal and non-lethal means of crowd control, to deal with “insurrection” and “unruly individuals?” Some freedom, eh? It’s not so much that this stuff scares me . . . it pisses me off!

Speaking of those two stuffed suits that wandered around onstage the other night. Is John McCain really the best person the Republicans could offer up as a potential president? The guy is awful. He’s harder to listen to than George W. Bush. He gets no pass in my book because he is a “war hero.” The dude was unlucky around aircraft. If he was a Sysco driver he’d probably have been fired after losing one truck, engine failure or not! Then he was a POW in Vietnam, and tortured. How does that make him a hero? Because he helped his country murder a bunch of people in a bullshit war 40 years ago? How is that any more heroic than the guy whose brain got hosed by what he saw over there and now can’t hold a job or a relationship and instead lives on the streets? Seems like every bit as much a prison and torture as what McCain dealt with, only minus the rich wife. I’ve got two words for you, John McCain: You Suck.

Then there’s Barack Obama. What a disappointment. Barack Obama is in no way any kind of progressive. Let me borrow a page from his running mate and say, let me say that again: Barack Obama is in no way any kind of progressive. Period. His talk of war and killing sickens me. I find these guys’ constant talk of tracking people down and killing them to be emotionally, morally, and spiritually repugnant. Especially when one considers the number of people that need to be killed in order to kill the guy they want to kill in the first place. The one exchange that really summed it up for me was during this last debate, toward the end, when Brokaw asked:

This requires only a yes or a no. Ronald Reagan famously said that the Soviet Union was the evil empire. Do you think that Russia under Vladimir Putin is an evil empire?

Now, the statesman I would like running my country would say something about how branding a rival with a name like that, or grouping other rivals under a name like “The Axis of Evil” is childish and a detriment to positive execution of responsible foreign policy. Here is Obama’s answer:

I think they’ve engaged in an evil behavior and I think that it is important that we understand they’re not the old Soviet Union but they still have nationalist impulses that I think are very dangerous.

Evil behavior? Come on, Obama. You can’t do better than that? I give you a big, fat F.

Both candidates issued “serious” proclamations about how terrible Russia is, using their invasion of a sovereign nation as an example. Umm . . . okay. We’re talking of course about Georgia, though some people have a different take on how that all went down. And we know something about invading someone else, killing everyone, and taking their land. That’s how we got our country, after all, and it is basically what we are trying to do in Iraq.

It’s unsettling and I’m pissed as much because I let myself hope a little bit, which was foolish. He’s leading the Democratic Party, after all. The Democrats are only the 2nd most corrupt political party in this country, by the slightest of margins. He talks big, but so far hasn’t delivered much. FISA vote? Fail. His response to the big Wall Street bailout? Fail. Will Obama deliver on the kind of health care reform we need without pandering to his health care industry benefactors? Doubt it. Will he work for energy solutions that don’t pander to his big energy benefactors? Doubt it. Every time he utters the words “clean coal” I want to hurl. Finally, how about the war? I predict he will continue more than he ends. To expect more I think is delusional.

Yeah, I hope he beats McCain, because that clown and all he represents are contemptible. But he’ll do it without my vote. I have three words for Barack Obama: Shame on You.

9 thoughts on “>The Greatest Force for Bullshit the World has Ever Known

  1. Anonymous

    >YOU suck. You’re an immature, idealistic brat. Nothing in this world is perfect, no person in this world is perfect (Yeah, even you, you pompous wind bag.) Politics is ugly. Politicians are ugly, but it’s the best system in the world. If you won’t engage and only piss and moan and pontificate, FUCKING MOVE!

  2. Chris

    >Nader. However, if . . . if, Obama narrows the gap so that it looks like Montana might actually turn out in his favor, I might, might, vote for him, just to keep McCain out of it.Speaking of which, you think our huffy friend Anonymous might be a McCain supporter, by chance?

  3. Chris

    >Obama definitely crushes McCain. Like I said, I can’t believe the Republicans couldn’t do better than that. Then you add Palin to the ticket, and eeesh.Obama just really disappointed me. I hope I’m wrong about him. I did like the end though where Obama hung out and chatted everyone up, while McCain hobbled off to his bunker to pout.I bet I haven’t been called a brat in 25 years. I usually get called an asshole when someone encounters my perfect storm of pompous windbaggery.

  4. Rebecca

    >I was about to say you should get your new anonymous friend a subscription to Internet Tough Guy magazine, Chris, but then I realized he’s probably a long-time subscriber.

  5. Chris

    >Internet Tough Guy magazine, that’s awesome. I’m going to save that link!What if anonymous is a woman? The person seems to write too well to be one of those tough guys.I suspect it’s someone from the local blogosphere who’s mad that I’m not humping all over Obama’s leg. It’s not like this stupid blog gets any traffic beyond the locals anyway, really.


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