The J.O.T. Film Festival 2013, Day Four

I’m a few days late getting this posted, as all this went down last Thursday. Julia arrived home that night, no worse for the wear. However, certain other denizens of this household were already poised with instructions.

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FYI, I’d already seen to the beast’s demands. I merely sent this text to amuse myself. And amused I certainly was. If this creature looks a little ragged, keep in mind she is 15+ years old.

Anyway, on to the last two movies, wrapping up this year’s edition of the J.O.T. Film Festival. . . .

The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy (2011)

This was a movie I just dug out of my Netflix queue because I wanted to watch a Western that wasn’t 2+ hours long. I have to say the options for streaming from Netflix have really gone downhill. I don’t know if they lost some contracts or something, but there just isn’t much good stuff out there. I spent about a movie’s worth of time over the week just digging through the options, finding only a few that seem interesting.

This movie was mediocre at best. It was kind of a mess, with too much going on in the story to really make sense of, some bad stereotypes, etc. A lot of it just didn’t make sense to me at times. For example, there was this “mountain man” character who showed up a couple times, wearing a wolf’s head cape or something, who really played no part in the story at all but was just there to be tough. I don’t really know. Then, as I look at the cast, I see the writer/director also played the character whose acting was probably the worst. That’s never a good thing. I think if they had trimmed the story down to something simpler it might have worked, but for the most part, it didn’t.


The Heart and the Sea (2012)

I’m not a surfer, but someday I’d love to learn, even if it only means surfing the rivers around here. Nathan Oldfield is an Australian guy who is a schoolteacher, loves to surf, and makes surf movies in his free time. I purchased this movie via download from The Surf Network. If you check it out expecting superstar “buff, bronzed, and bitchin'” dudes and dudettes gliding across the faces of enormous waves, you’ll be disappointed. This is a quiet little film of mostly normal people in love with the sea and in love with the sport. Some of the footage is just people surfing, with a trippy soundtrack playing. Other segments are about people who build their own boards, or older folks who have been surfing for decades, and what this relationship with the ocean has meant to their lives. It is hypnotic in its approach, with none of the flash and blast of big money surfing. Some people might call it boring. I loved it.


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