The J.O.T. Film Festival, Day Four

Monday night was supposed to be Coens Night at the JOTFF. Things started off with a bang.

True Grit

Damn, I love this movie; liked it even more the second time around than I did when I saw it in the theater. Makes me realize just how much I really don’t like the original John Wayne version. Love the book though, which reminds me — need to read more Charles Portis.

Things to note:

  • The take Jeff Bridges has on Rooster Cogburn crushes Wayne’s take. Crushes it.
  • People gripe about Bridges’s garbled lines. I think it fits the character perfectly.
  • Matt Damon is perfect as Texas Ranger LaBoeuf. Does Damon ever not deliver (no, I’m not going to test the answer to my own question by seeing We Bought a Zoo)?
  • Same goes for Josh Brolin. He almost saved that P.O.S. Jonah Hex movie (which would have been awesome if I’d been in charge).
  • Despite all I’ve said about the excellence of the veterans in the cast, young Hailee Steinfeld pretty much steals the show. What an outstanding job.
  • Love the cinematography too. The locations they used in Texas and New Mexico are gorgeous.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the world needs more new Westerns. What a great movie.


When it was over, I fired up Netflix, eager to watch Fargo. They don’t have it streaming. My disappointment was huge. So I thought I’d watch Blood Simple. They don’t have that one either! I was enraged. Thought about making a run to the video store, which would have necessitated putting some pants on. I looked at the clock and decided I’d just call it a night and read a goddamn book. When I talked to her over the phone as I was making this decision, Julia said I should watch Miller’s Crossing. Which would have been the smart thing to do. But I can’t have Julia making suggestions on what films should run during the J.O.T. Film Festival. Sometimes a man needs to take stand. Show “true grit” and all that.


Next up: X Night.



8 thoughts on “The J.O.T. Film Festival, Day Four”

  1. Have to disagree with you on the Wayne version of TRUE GRIT. I thought it was an very good movie. That being said, the Coen Brothers’ take on the story blew me away. Great movie! And I’m with you 100% on Hallie Steinfeld, she stole the show. No easy feat when you consider who her co-stats were. BTW, did you know she is the niece of Jake Steinfeld, the Body by Jake guy?

    1. Yeah, I know my opinion isn’t a popular one re: the original movie. But I loathe John Wayne. I don’t think I like any of his movies, and probably won’t even try moving forward.

      And no, I didn’t know Hailee was related to Body by Jake. That’s awesome. Do they still have those workout shows on ESPN during the day? I don’t even know. Some of those were practically soft core porn, if memory serves.

  2. I totally love your J.O.T. Film Festival! When I get this sort of movie time, I love Westerns but my true guilty pleasures are hard-core bitch movies like La Femme Nikita.

    I totally agree with your review of both True Grit movies. Hallie steals the show in the second, and even more so if you have recently watched the whiny brat in the first. And for sure, Matt Damon doesn’t get enough credit for his part in this film in my view. He was stellar.

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