The Lastest From Blood and Tacos

This is fun. The hardcopy collection of the first four issues of Blood & Tacos has arrived, and you can can get it. Here’s the info from the website:

B&T Promo CoverBLOOD & TACOS: THE BEGINNING, the print-only omnibus that collects the hard-fisted, pistol-packing fiction stories from the first four issues of Blood & Tacos, is now available.

Right here! Right now! And before we make BLOOD & TACOS: THE BEGINNING available to the general public, we are extending a special, limited-time, limited-run offer to our fans (and anyone else that wants to buy it).

For $19.00 (which includes shipping in the US), you can get one of the first 100 books, numbered and signed by both Johnny Shaw and Brace Godfrey, creator of Chingón: The World’s Deadliest Mexican. And considering the way Mr. Godfrey has been known to punish his body with alcohol, this might be the last chance to get a signed book from him.

That’s right, for a measly 19 clams, you can hold a piece of literary history in your grubby paws. I’m not good at math, but that’s a lot of ’splosions and karate chops for your hard-earned bucks. Over 300 pages of mayhem and awesome.

You want to order up a copy? Do so here.

What is it? This is a collection of short stories that are throwbacks to the Men’s Adventure fiction from back in the day. I have a story in it that was a blast to write: “Blood and Sweetgrass In: This Rez is Mine!” I think it was the last short story I actually published . . . and quite possibly the last short story I ever will publish! So get it before it sells out. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.


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