The Leisure Gang – An Update for my Parents

I was out at my folks’ place last weekend helping them get the last of the year’s wood split, and putting a dent in next year’s necessary supply. I came away with a blister on my thumb (despite the leather gloves) and a new dog bed to throw in my office. My dad called and asked if the damn dogs had started using it yet, so I took some photos to document it.

This first one was Saturday night. I’d been watching the DVD Sid gave me for my birthday of PREDATORS (which I fully enjoyed, perhaps more even than when I saw it in the theater), turned on my lamp, looked over the edge of my desk, and lo and behold:

To think Julia feared her Russells would never abide living with cats

That’s almost scandalous.

These next two I took this morning.


So you’ll see, the only dog not documented taking her ease on the new bed is Velcro, though I think I saw her there once. I don’t think she’s feeling left out, though.

More room for me on all the beds in the living room!” Velcro says.
… except for when there’s too much dog for one bed.

I guess the 6th denizen, Kitten the Basement Dweller, hasn’t been on it either. But she never comes upstairs, so I don’t think she counts.

“Go to sleep, Fatboy,” Kitten says. “Soon as you do, I’m making my move to take over your pillow.”

Finally, seeing as how I share a home with someone who claims to “not really be a cat person,” I think this photo, which is kind of obscured in a way those Sasquatch pics and videos that hit the internet often are, may be photographic evidence that that comment is, as they say, bullshit.

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