The Making of Toro

From The Making of Toro by Mark Sundeen:

Fun with Falconry sprang from the most swashbuckling magazine to click through the copy machine in years. Western Dude reported dunebuggy excursions, lost treasure digs, and seamonster hunts, those mustache-and-Schlitz adventures whose dignity had been shadowed and popularity eclipsed by the noxious cloud of such televised child’s play as wakeboarding and skysurfing and loop-de-loop bicycle jumping. Leave the gadgets and soda pop sponsorships to the kids; the men will be hunkered down in the desert rubbing two sticks together to light a cigarette.

Just finished this book the other day and enjoyed the hell out of it. One of the scenes involves a drive from San Diego to Mexicali, Mexico, for a bullfight. Appropriate, considering today I flew into San Diego and made the same drive. Only at the moment I’m ensconced in a Holiday Inn Express on the US side (that would be Calexico, CA) prior to being escorted over the border tomorrow for a few days of working. No bullfighting on the agenda, though . . . that I know of, at least.



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