>The Mayhem Continues — Design a Silkscreen

>April 9th: Challenge Five — Design a Silkscreen

Project Selvedge continues! Here’s a picture of one of the grand prizes — a fancy new, high speed sewing machine. The winner also gets a gift certificate for fabric, dance lessons, a spa day, and a couple other things too, I believe. So the stakes are high!

Leah was there, as always, laying down the ground rules describing this week’s skirmish.

Julia’s model this week was our friend Autumn, a woman Julia also bellydances with. She looked great!

So each designer came up with a silkscreen for a t-shirt provided as part of the challenge, then had a fabric budget to complete the ensemble. Here are some of the other entries.

I liked this last model’s tattoo.

Julia got vicious in describing the hows and whys of her silkscreen and the outfit she put together to accompany it. That’s my sister Mitzi in the far right of the frame laughing at Julia’s antics.

I thought the screen came out awesome. There were a lot of people asking how she did it and made it look so intense. I’m telling you, this woman knows her shit!

It was a good night.

There is no shortage of pretty girls as part of this competition either, and I’m not afraid to say so.

But the best of the bunch left with ME.

One more challenge, then it’s the finals for the whole enchilada! Cross your fingers for Julia!

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