>The Shamble for Survival

>My Saturday started with a trip downtown to run the 38th Annual Riverbank Run. I hadn’t run in this thing literally since I was in junior high; I believe back then it was called the “Mini Marathon.” Originally when I was planning out my year and setting goals, I had intended to run the 10K. Then I had some injury things going on that limited some of my training so I had to settle for the 5K, but at least I friggin’ did it. I’m not much of a runner, but it is a good barometer of one’s fitness.

It was pretty fun and exciting, especially at the start when all the people were crammed into the starting area right on Higgins and Broadway downtown. When the gun went off, it was weird to be in this big, chaotic mass of people starting to surge forward, up and over the Higgins Bridge, and beyond. I felt pretty good, and the first mile went by pretty quick, then I started having these serious shin pains. It was weird. I had had them before when I first took up jogging again way back when. It’s possible my legs just weren’t used to the surface, because I never run on pavement. I actually had to walk quite a bit, which is unusual because I’ve been running 3 miles at a time fairly regularly lately.

One thing that was funny was that with about a half mile to go, I was starting to pick up my pace and finding it very difficult — I’m usually pretty good about having energy at the end of a run — and the song “Done Got Old” by Heartless Bastards came on (which is actually a cover of a Junior Kimbrough song). I had to laugh to myself at the lyrics. “Can’t do the things I used to ‘cuz I feel old!”

Great song, great band. I think they base themselves in Austin now, but I know they originated in Dayton, Ohio. At least Erika Wennerstrom is from there, but the rest of the band lineup has changed over the years. They’re on a great label too, Fat Possum. And they are playing Bozeman at the Filling Station on May 8th. I may have to go see them. That place is such a dive, but would be a phenomenal venue to see them in.

So the run was a labor, and not the breeze I’d hoped it would be, but at least I did it. Much to my surprise I didn’t hate it either; it’s a good barometer of where I am vs. where I want to be. There is another run in June where I will aim to do the 10K. Not sure about my plans to run the half marathon in July, but if I get in a good groove between now and then it isn’t unthinkable. Even if I just run most of it and waddle the rest. We’ll see.

Julia snapped a couple pictures of me at the finish line.

I didn’t see her, otherwise I might have made an obscene gesture of some kind. I wasn’t that tired — my lungs were holding their own — but my legs were on fire. Of course it takes a lot of oomph! to haul my fat ass around, so can you blame them?

Here I am making my way through the crowd. I’m pretty sure I’m smiling because I saw that the Mini Donuts truck was one of the venders.

Oddly enough, even with all the walking I did, my time was still faster than it has been in training. So when I was running, I must have been running faster than usual. “Fast” being a relative term here, though, folks; let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It was a good place to start (I was 27th out of 37 people in my age category), and it’s nice to have something to measure future efforts against.

Movie Night

Saturday night we went and saw The Losers. It’s another movie based on a graphic novel, but not one that I’d read. Seeing the trailers, and the cast involved, I had high hopes.

It had its moments, and a couple nice twists, but for the most part I was disappointed. Not so much that it was bad, but that it could have been so much better. Like I told Julia after seeing it, I wish more directors would understand that using cinematography and creative camera placement and interesting shots is good filmmaking. Gunking the film up in the editing room with herky-jerky cut scenes, slow motion and weird video effects isn’t. That stuff was very distracting to me in this particular movie, and it irritated me. And I was primed to enjoy a big dumb action movie. I swear, if another movie shows a group shot from a distance, with the members spread out walking toward the camera in slow motion like they’re a bunch of badasses, I’m going to hurl. This director seemed like a kid discovering iMovie for the first time and using every possible little trick in every possible spot. A real misfire on something that could have been — should have been — awesome. It’s not terrible, and it’s mostly fun, but it wasn’t nearly what I’d hoped it would be. Then again, I did have pretty high expectations, so who knows what others will think.

4 thoughts on “>The Shamble for Survival”

  1. >Good for you! Maybe I'll make it to a race in Missoula one of these days. I just started week 5 of the couch to 5k plan and feeling pretty good about it.

  2. >I just started running, and feel like I'll never get to the point where I could do even a 5K. But running makes the most sense for me. I do yoga every day and run 3X/week to counteract all the sitting I do as a writer.Never had to worry when I did 8 shows/week on Broadway — plenty of exercise!Sorry THE LOSERS is a disappointment. Sometimes it's worse when a movie COULD have been great and misses then if it's all out bad.

  3. >April, there is a 5K/10K race on June 19th (hint, hint).Devon, I'm sure you'll surprise yourself. Keep at it, and before you know it 5K will be a snap.You're right about the movie too. Sometimes movies can be so bad they're good, but when they aren't really bad, but not exactly good either . . . I don't know. It's somehow worse that way.

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