>The “Uuungh!” Heard All Over Town

>Jimmy and I were in the studios of KZOQ this morning at their request to promote the LAZERWOLFS show we have coming up in a week. We are opening for a band called APPETITE FOR DECEPTION, which is a Guns & Roses tribute band. Should be a fun show; I saw GnR open for the mighty IRON MAIDEN on the 7th Son of a 7th Son tour back in ’88, and they were awful. I’m sure AfD is probably a better live GnR band than the real band was! Maiden, of course, killed it. Anyway, here is a shot of Jimmy and I just after our little interview:

Before FM radio became commercial radio, KZOQ — Z100 — was the station I would listen to for “album rock” they called it. That is where I heard a lot of the great bands from back in the day that I still like today; Van Halen, Rush, Pink Floyd . . . even stuff like Jethro Tull and Warren Zevon. Now it is the local classic rock station, but it certainly doesn’t hurt at all to have them mentioning our name every day over a week or two. A lot of their listeners are people who will love what we do, moreso than the listeners of the other stations we’ve been on. You know, the guys who like to play AC/DC when they are working on their cars out in the garage . . . and the women who love them, of course. This show should be a great time.

Worse Than Awful

With Julia gone, I was fortunate enough to discover that the movie of the year was just released on DVD. Of course I am talking about DOOMSDAY, aka the movie that features Chicks in Bellydance Costumes Fighting.

Damn, was it ever bad. It was like mishmash of every other movie of that style — Escape From New York, 28 Days Later, even The Warriors. There was even a little City of Heroes theme going there (though the CoH theme is borrowed from the movies already mentioned, I just wanted to link to it). It was fun at parts, but poorly, poorly written. Of course, I thought The Descent rapidly . . . descended . . . into lameness too, and that was done by the same guy. Still, I don’t regret the $3 I spent renting it, or the 90 minutes I spent watching it. Rhona Mitra, though? Phew.

Get Outta Here You Goddamn Jackass

I don’t spend a lot of time on YouTube looking for stuff, but I’m not afraid to watch something stupid or bitchin’. These three all have elements of both. They are all worth your time, trust me.

This one is Sid and Will’s latest creation. It leans toward stupid. But it still makes me laugh because these guys are such utter dorks. I can’t believe I took one of these guys out on tour.

This one is just an exercise in awesomeness that I would never have the patience to do. It is basically John Carpenter’s The Thing redone with action figures. Cooool. . . .

Finally, this one just makes me laugh because of all the profanity. I’ve seen this before a long time ago; seeing it again today about made me fall off my chair. This is the kind of thing my dad and I would watch together and about have mutual heart attacks.

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