The Wolverine Way

I’m really digging this book, The Wolverine Way, by Douglas H. Chadwick, that I mentioned the other day, so sue me for mentioning it again. Today I was searching online to see if Chadwick has a website and came across this video trailer for the book. I really like it. It may take a while to load, but it’s worth watching. At least to me it is.

The Wolverine Way – by Douglas H. Chadwick from Wild Collective on Vimeo.

Here’s an article/interview with Chadwick about the book and study from my local paper, the Missoulian, well worth checking out.

Finally, here is a great essay he wrote for Patagonia. Good stuff!

Adventures Ain’t the Same Without One

Ever wonder about the Swiss Army Knife (the one to the left is the Swiss Army Officers Knife from 1897), its history and where it comes from? This article from The Outside Blog will answer that question for you, and I thought it was pretty interesting in a “Hmm, that’s cool” kind of way. I enjoy knowing stuff like this, even if I forget it moments later.

As every manly man knows (and more than a few women’s women), everyone should carry a pocketknife. What really sucks is how airlines won’t allow passengers to carry them anymore. I call bullshit. Flying out of a place like Missoula International, I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve seen stripped of the knives holstered on their belts, stowed there just after years of habit. I prefer a world where grizzled men have knives on their belts instead of fucking Blackberries anyway. It’s a travesty, is what it is.

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  1. >I never go near airports, and always have a pocketknife on me. Unless it's the rare occasion when I go to a big rock show where they search you. But I mostly try to avoid those venues.

  2. >Ron, I do know that Peacock book; got it from him signed a couple years ago and haven't read it, though intend to do so soon. I've seen him speak a couple times as well — he gets over here fairly frequently.Kent, I get stuck going to airports far too frequently. It sucks.

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