These Eye-talians Might Be Onto Something

Check this out, from an Italian outfit called nobody&co.

This is from this review site, NewEmotion, who has the following great disclaimer: “English is not our mother tongue – We apologize for any errors.” I love that!

Bibliochaise is an armchairlibrary by Nobody & Co.

Thought for lovers of reading, Bibliochaise is an arm-chair-library, created by Italian company Nobody & Co.

The seat can contain until five meters of books and thank to a special fitting structure is easly disassembled.
Bibliochaise is born from a simple idea: its structure has been thought to accommodate a great number of books in appropriate fissures, for having always the possibility to read preferred books.

The seat is pleasant and soft, and is presented in a showy red colour that contrasts with a black line on all the edges.
Bibliochaise is an ideal complement for lovers of books, music and films: it is possible to accommodate also own DVD and Compact Disc.
If the space is your problem, if you are a love reader and if you need a comfortable seat, Bibliochaise is your ideal solution.

With the same system of pegs, Nobody & Co. produces also bookcases named Piola in a lot of colours: Flesh, Pop, Kitchen and Wood

I’d plant my ass in one of these; I certainly have the material to fill it with. Books, I mean, wisacre. Not ass.

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