They Got Here From There

I’ve decided I’m going to do a monthly post that addresses the ridiculous search strings that have landed people on my blog. For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, every time you type in a search in Google, or Yahoo, or wherever, that string will be associated with any website that was “hit” by your search. Those of us with too much time on our hands (or, like me, are procrastinating to avoid doing something meaningful) will often look and see what kind of searches are landing on our websites.

As you might imagine, changing my title to “Naked But For a Loincloth” gets me some great ones. So I’m thinking that change was a stroke of particular genius on my part, if only for my own amusement. So here are a few of the best from the past 30 days.

After “Chris La Tray” and “Chris LaTray” this is the most common one:

captain america naked

Which leads me to believe that some people are looking forward to the movie for reasons different from mine. Unless they mean Randy Couture, of course.

Pretty sure this post is the reason I get lots of variations of the following, some of which I don’t think I really want to see the results of what the person is really after.

who is the biggest asshole in the world?

This is a typical one as well:

beautiful naked girl in a loincloth

Then again, if she’s in a loincloth, she really isn’t naked, is she? Still, I like to provide a service here, so here goes:

Beautiful ALMOST Naked Girl in a Loincloth

These next two are great, and really need no comment from me.

sexy stories of men captured and forced to wear loincloths
sexy stories of cowboys forced to wear loincloths

Best I can do is provide a shot of two dudes in loincloths, fighting. That could be considered sexy by some people, right?

I Bet They’re Sweaty Too


Two more that need no elaboration on my part.

female flight attendant need company in tucson tonight?
truck stop in the news for skimpy waitress outfits in texas


Again, I can’t provide the exact thing this searcher is after:

fat people fight but naked

But I can come close. . . .


These next two are obviously some lonely geek getting hopeful.

powergirl naked
powergirl fucking

Given the playful nature of some of the images I have seen, though, by former PG artist Amanda Conner, particularly in fan sketches, I bet there are one or two images that meet those requirements floating around somewhere.

Finally, the last one, my favorite, is probably an image I wouldn’t mind seeing myself.

are there any pics of kate beckinsale naked and tied to a tree

5 thoughts on “They Got Here From There

    1. chrislatray Post author

      Not that I’ve found, but I figure that if one combines “naked” and “kate beckinsale” to get to my blog, then all of my efforts have paid off.

  1. Patti Abbott

    I’m not sure what any of this means but I had two glasses of wine to celebrate the fourth.

    1. chrislatray Post author

      Easy, Patti, easy. Let’s not get carried away here. You get all liquored up, and next thing you know you’re in one of Bonnie Jo Campbell’s stories.


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