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The mailman delivers the goods for the fourth time in a week (first was my copy of Needle Magazine; second was the new Victor Gischler novel, The Deputy; and third was yesterday’s delivery of issue one of Sgt. Zero)!

This is the new issue of World Explorer Magazine, featuring an article by yours truly.

It’s about the Gabriel Hunt novels that have been dreamed up and published by Charles Ardai of Hard Case Crime. The best part was the thirty-odd minutes I spent on the phone with Charles discussing the books. If you haven’t read them, you’re missing out, because they are a blast — thrilling pulp adventure yarns like nothing else you can find being published these days. The latest one just came out earlier this month, and was written by the lovely, dangerous and talented Christa Faust. Of course she gets a mention in the article as well.

I don’t know if it’s out on newsstands yet or not, or even where you can get it (I discovered it at Hastings in Missoula), but keep your eyes open for it. The entire magazine is a lot of fun, and Gabriel Hunt fits the theme perfectly.

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