>Those are Some Swell Betties!

>Not only do the hot ladies over at Betty’s Divine do cool stuff for the community, but they buy stuff that Julia makes . . . and then they post about how awesome it is! Dig THIS POST from the Betty’s Blog.

They are talking about Julia’s new line of bags she’s been making, called “LeatherAss.” She even has names for them; this one is called The Commanche:

She does all the design work, the sewing, makes the silhouettes, learned how to silkscreen so she could do her own screens, all that. It’s pretty cool, really. And has totally turned our dining room table into a work bench.

I once got an email from Aimee in the middle of the day saying, “I just saw Sid walking across Higgins Bridge carrying a plastic snow sled!” Thing was, it was like 200 degrees outside. That was back in the day when he and his doofus friends would ride sleds down the stairs by Caras Park. It’s a wonder he never broke anything.

Anyway, thanks Betty’s!

A Quandary Resolved

A couple weeks ago I rearranged my office, which has so far been a success. The problem is I have a large space just above my desk that is currently blank. None of the art/posters I have will really fit there, so I wasn’t sure what was going to fill the space. Until now . . . dig this!

This piece is an 36 x 24, 8-color screen called “The Sighting” by Arik Roper. This is what the man says it is all about:

“The Sighting illustrates a metaphor of gaining insight and perspective from a new position. The Ice Age-era hunter and his Wolf companion represent the Mind in its unadvanced stages, wandering and laboriously ascending the mountain in search of nourishment. The floating Apparition represents the Revelation flash of the advanced Mind, gained from the new point of view and progress on the mountain. The encounter initially appears as a meeting of two separate entities but is ultimately a meeting with the self.”

Is that not cool or what? Arik Roper is awesome; I get a thrill out of much of his art like I do that of people like Frank Frazetta, and that is saying something. It plays to my imagination, and I love it. He has done a lot of art for the music I am most fond of these days; in particular, he has worked with High on Fire. Here is the cover of their most recent album, Death is This Communion.

We played with High on Fire something like a week before this record came out. They were fantastic. They are a magnificent band; loud, and just punishing.

I was going to write more, but it’s getting late. Now comes one of my favorite parts of the day; there are two cats sleeping peacefully right where I intend to crash, and I get to move their lazy, bring-nothing-to-the-table asses out of the way. It is all about the simple pleasures, people — trust me.

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  1. >You’re already the second person to ask about that, and she DOESN’T. I know she is going to put them up on etsy or something, but at the moment she hasn’t. I’ll let her know the people have spoken, though!

  2. >Yeah, she does. She makes “new” stuff as well as reworks stuff she gets at thrift stores and places like that. I think mostly the latter, but I know she has made some of her own designs as well. I just stay out of the way.

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