>Thursday Night’s Alright for Fighting!

>So Thursday night is the finals of the PBR thing LAZERWOLFS is participating in. Here is the official flyer for it:

As you can see, we are playing relatively early — 9:40 PM, to be exact. A 20 minute set isn’t a lot of time to make a movement happen (that would be movement as in revolution, not the bowels — though the mighty LAZERWOLFS have been known to induce both kinds), but we will do our best. We figure we need about 40 votes to dominate, so we will be pulling out all the stops over the next few days to inspire (i.e. guilt trip) all of our friends to come out. I guarantee it will be fun. It is also beneficial in that I think the two bands most likely to win it all come right before us; if you come out, I guarantee it will be awesome.

So it comes down to voting. Who are you going to vote for? Let me enlighten you to a couple options. First off, this is one of the “Doom Daughter” dancers who writhe about on stage for Blessiddoom (who kinda got screwed by being scheduled last; I’m glad we didn’t get that slot!):

Next up are a couple shots of Olivia, the singer for Black Velvet Elvis. We played with them in our preliminary round, and while we finished higher, so I’ve been told, both in votes and among the judges, they are not a band to be taken lightly:

However, if raw sex appeal is what you are after, no one sells it like the magnificent LAZERWOLFS. Check out this drop dead lust inducing shot of our drummer humping gear . . . er, unloading gear in Bozeman a couple years ago:

Bringing sexy back? Hell, it never left, baby!

Soccer Night

Indoor game tonight. Last week we dominated, even though I was pretty sick. All the shots that for the first few games have been caroming off the back wall or off the goalposts were finding their way into the back of the net. Hopefully we will have more of the same tonight. In honor of the beautiful game, check out this ridiculous shot by Brazil’s Roberto Carlos from back in ’97. He is probably about 35, 40 yards out.

4 thoughts on “>Thursday Night’s Alright for Fighting!”

  1. >That would be awesome. My plan is to get there early, watch the first two bands, rock every face off the joint, then bolt over to the Wilma to see Clutch. Then, I will return to The Other Side to see what’s left, and pick up all my face-rocking-off gear. It will be a busy night!

  2. >Since Chris will not blow his own horn as loud as it shoulb be blown I will do it for him.If you havn’t been to any of Lazerwolfs gigs it is your loss. Not only is Lazerwolfs the best band around it has been said they are also the nicest.These three are true musicians and if they have a fault it is they don’t have the ego that goes with the talent. For some reason they missed that line when it was being handed out. So instead the ended up in the line passing out talent.Please don’t miss this and if you can’t attend please go and vote they deserve it.

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