>Today You Get a Two-Fer!

>Here is more random stuff, mainly because I’m not feeling motivated to do much that would be considered productive. After I posted this morning, I walked out into the living room and this is what I saw:

Now that’s what I call chillin’. It hardly even looks comfortable. These weeny dogs are still spent over their shenanigans at the bark park.

When I was headed to the airport, this squirrel was giving me a piece of its evil little mind:

I made sure and got window seats for my flight to Seattle, and from there to Portland, in hopes of getting some good pictures. Of course that didn’t happen. Clouds totally obscured Lake Coeur d’Alene. Seattle was so socked in I couldn’t even see Mt. Rainier from the air. I was hoping for one of those views where Rainier, St. Helens and Hood are all visible in a row, but it didn’t happen. It’s disappointing, because in my opinion Seattle is the most beautiful city to fly into. I got a couple shots, but they aren’t that great, and of course downtown (the Space Needle, the stadiums, etc.) were visible from the windows on the other side of the plane. I did get a shot over Boeing Field, which is the airport that assholes like the Presidents of the United States of America (the sucker of corporate teat, not the Seattle rock band) fly into:

From there I flew to Portland and did a little shopping. It was all of about 42 degrees there; I was in shorts and a t-shirt. I did a good job of making it very clear that people from Montana are tougher than all of them. There was a guy out front of Powell’s with a sign that said, “Stranded, trying to get back to Helena, MT, need $42 for bus ticket!” I gave him $5 and told him to say hi to Brian for me. He probably bought meth or something from that drunk punk rock asshole we ran into last time we were on the mean streets of PDX. Anyway, you can dig the glorious results of my shopping trip here, complete with tags!

Talked to Julia’s brother Mike on the phone and made plans for dinner tomorrow night, then headed to Woodland, WA. The name on my paperwork of my hotel sounded swanky. This place puts the “WTF?!” in Swank:

View from my window (I’m sitting naked with the shades open and all the lights on as I type. Not really, I have a loincloth on):

And finally, the view from inside this palatial retreat:

At least the internet works.

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  1. Patia

    >You changed your site name?!?Where does a modern Neanderthal get a loincloth?Gosh, I love those sateen floral motel bedspreads (that you just know are hiding all kinds of nasty stains).


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