>Travel Day to Texas

>Today I’m bound for Texas for work — I’m headed to a town called Bonham, about 90 minutes NE of Dallas, which is where I’m flying into. However, as I am getting in fairly early (which means I was up at 4:00 AM to get my flight out, which is criminal on a Monday morning if you ask me), I am going to take a detour about 2 hours south and west of Dallas on my arrival to visit the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, TX. I’m pretty stoked.

Howard is arguably my favorite author. I certainly owe the majority of my early attachment to books to him, as he was the author of all the Conan stories, Solomon Kane, King Kull, etc. that I grew up on and irritated my English teachers with. I’m stoked that I will get to see the very room where all those memorable tales were put onto paper. It’s like a pilgrimage for me, and I am very excited.

In honor I’m reading a collection of his boxing stories on the flight. Expect a full report to follow! Now it’s time to shoehorn myself onto the damn plane to my Denver connection. . . .

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  1. >I love going to author's houses or museums. My favorite is the Bronte House in the moors in England. It is about the saddest setting you can imagine-overlooking a cemetery and the desolate moors. How could their writing be gay in such a place.

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