Trump Didn’t Win

I wish I could say I’m surprised this morning, but I’m not. Really not at all. Disappointed, yes. But certainly not surprised. Here is the late Joe Bageant talking about his book Deer Hunting with Jesus. I wish everyone would read it. He nailed it years ago, and it’s still true today.

Most of us live in these little bubbles of our own making, where we insulate ourselves with people who think like we do. Particularly in Missoula, which is a tiny Blue oasis in a seething desert of angry Red, it can seem like everyone is suitably progressive. We laugh and drink our fancy beer and enjoy our hip clothes and our coffee and our farmers’ markets, until it comes time to leave those comfortable environs. Because out of town it’s a different story, and we all tend to roll up the windows of our Subarus, crank up the AC, and just get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

In the nine mile drive I make between my house and town every day, I don’t recall a single Hillary sign. Or a pro-Democratic candidate sign, period. It’s all Republican. Take any of the blue highways and frontage roads around the interstate and it’s the same thing. That’s the reality of Montana, and it’s a kind of little microcosm for the country as a whole. None of these folks care about endorsements from the likes of the New Yorker or the New York Times, or any of those sources that made so many seem to feel Clinton’s victory was guaranteed. Rural folk feel abandoned, and they are likely to vote for the candidate who seems most interested in smashing the status quo.

Trump didn’t win, he merely received what was handed to him. The Democrats lost this election long ago. They have become every bit as much a part of the moneyed elite as the Republicans, they just go about it differently. We have accomplished some great things socially under Obama, some truly necessary things. But I wonder how much of that is a calculated smokescreen to keep us on the Left appeased? Meanwhile the gulf widens between the haves and the have nots. My health insurance – even with its sky high deductible – literally became unaffordable overnight last week and I don’t know what I’m going to do. Probably die young(ish), heh. Climate change continues to be something we don’t discuss at the highest levels of political discourse, and I blame Obama largely for that for not steering the conversation vigorously the past eight years. Where has he been on Standing Rock? Where was Hillary? What about public land being turned over to private interests? Continued war? Obama has been no dove, and Hillary certainly isn’t. All of these concerns, the ones I hold most dear, were things I was going to have to be angry about and fight for even in a Clinton presidency. For me, not a lot has changed all that much. It all just has an uglier face on it.

It doesn’t mean I’m not sad, though. Sad for my women friends, sad for my friends of other races and cultures. Sad for how this country looks to the rest of the world today. But it’s where we are. It’s like checking my bank balance. I don’t like looking at it. But I have to now and then to be reminded I need to fucking work harder.


8 thoughts on “Trump Didn’t Win

  1. John

    Stumbled across this while looking at your review of a Chester Himes book. I live in Chicago. I voted for Hillary Clinton. And I’m still trying to get over feeling stunned. But I really shouldn’t be stunned at all as you point out so insightfully.

    I’ve spent the entire day looking at videos and reading online posts about the people I took for granted trying to come to terms with what happened. You’re so right about living an insular life. I feel I looked the other way. I didn’t believe the ranting and the anger and the invective was genuine, that it was decades of ignored anguish crying out in defiance, that it was truly meaningful to the people who have given us President-Elect Donald Trump. Thanks for your post which I now have embraced as one of the many that showed me I never really saw the obvious. Thanks also for introducing me to Joe Bageant and his book which I plan to read as soon as I can a get a copy. I need to open my eyes to the other viewpoint I chose to ignore and, more often, that I chose to belittle.

  2. G.B. Miller

    I look at like this: Life goes on. Nationally, it doesn’t bother me who leads the country. I’ve already experienced 8 years of one party (Democrat) dictatorship on the state level, so the only thing I’m curious about is a 4 year dictatorship by the Republicans. It certainly can’t be any worse than what I got now.

    And no, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for DT. I went Libertarian instead.


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