Vampires are Pussies

My friend and frequent participant in the shenanigans around here, Patti Abbott, was kind enough to host an essay I wrote for her “How I Came to Write” series about my story in the Noir at the Bar collection, “Vampires are Pussies.” You can check that out right HERE. Once you are totally intrigued about where the story came from, you should totally click on over and buy the book HERE.

Patti is a hell of a writer in her own right, and you should absolutely check out the links on her page to some of her stories. She’s in more collections than I can remember, and she is a hell of a person too. I’m a big fan, and I’m thrilled to participate in what she’s got going over there.

One other thing of note: we are having a contest tied to the essay. For anyone who can guess the city where the Noir at the Bar event was that spawned this book (:cough: St. Louis :cough:), if you leave your answer in the comments you’ll be entered in a random drawing to receive a copy of the Noir at the Bar anthology. In addition, I am throwing in a copy of each of Christopher Farnsworth‘s two vampire books, Blood Oath and The President’s Vampire. Why? Well, you’ll need to read the damn essay to find out. So get over there already!

Check it Out

Look to the top of my menu bar, and you’ll see there is a new option called Writing. That has links to a good chunk of the stuff I have out there; stories, flash, and a few music articles I wrote for the Independent.

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