Viva Las Vegas!

This is my calendar for October. The red ink denotes work trips, while blue is for cooler stuff. Things have suddenly gotten real busy, and November is shaping up for more of the same.

I am currently sitting in a cramped hotel room at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. I’m here for the Consona Connect 2008 conference; in other words, I’m here for work. This picture I took outside my window last night; the green lights made for a cool night light shining through my window.

This conference was in Orlando last year, Denver the year before that. These conferences are the one time every year that I actually see my employers, or anyone I work with, for that matter. We are here because we are a partner company with Consona ERP, and have a couple sessions to present. I have two to do, and I’m told that those sessions have the most attendees signed up of any (a couple hundred people per session). It should be interesting.

I hadn’t paid much attention before, but Vegas is huge. Flying in, I couldn’t believe how much sprawl there is. I’ve been here 3 or 4 times before, but I’ve always been stuck on the strip. It’s quite off putting. These hotel/casinos are gargantuan as well. It is easily 1/2 a mile to walk to the conference center from my hotel room. Good thing the patellar tendinitis in my right knee chose yesterday to flare up, given how much walking I’ll be doing over the next few days.

I survived the first night here, meeting up with the two guys I work for. I never know what kind of debauchery will be on the agenda; luckily last night it was just some pretty tasty carne asada and 3 or 4 Pacificos. I was in my hotel room attempting to read by 11:00 PM.

Anyway, I’ll try and keep up with the goings-on here to illustrate the life-on-the-edge excitement of a conference like this. Meanwhile, check out the stunning views outside my window (last time I was here, at the Venetian, I had a huge picture window in my room that looked out over the swimming pool; that was bitchin’).

Before I Forget Again!

Last Friday was our show at the Crystal Theater; that being the one where LAZERWOLFS played with a couple young bands, including Sid’s band, HELLIANA. It went very well. My friend Charles Martin took a bunch of pictures — you can check them out HERE!

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  1. Chris

    >Patia, I haven’t seen Cirque du Soleil, though I’d like to. I’ve never seen any shows in Vegas when I’ve been here, actually.Rebecca, next week I fly to Houston to launch a project near there, then drive to Austin to launch another one near there.


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