Walking Through Mud, Snow, or a Cow Pasture

Screenshot 2016-03-23 14.01.27If you happen to be flying anywhere on Horizon Air this month, make sure and check out their magazine. Our very own Julia La Tray is featured in an article about some regional fashion designers. Photos (also featuring our friend and supermodel Kim Pollock) by yours truly. An excerpt:


“The wilderness and the rural landscape make Montana fashion unique,” says Missoula fashion designer Julia LaTray. “I love the ingenious ways people mix the practical with the impract
ical, like party dresses paired with scuffed-up wellies, or a Filson vest in place of a suit coat. Even after the most formal events, at some point you’ll leave the party or the dinner or the wedding and may find yourself walking through mud, snow or a cow pasture to get back to your car.”

I’m pretty proud of her. Odd that “DonkeyGirl” as Julia’s official brand (now appearing in fancy new tags!) is never mentioned. For the record, Julia tells me it was mentioned, so who knows why it was omitted.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 13.59.12


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